The Team


Natasha’s love of watches started when she began working weekends in a jewelry store as a student.

She was both surprised and intrigued by the huge variety of designs available and decided to learn more about the features and benefits of different models so she could better assist customers visiting the store.

Showcasing some of the most luxurious timepieces available allowed Natasha to see and appreciate their detailed craftsmanship up close, though she couldn’t quite afford one herself!

Natasha believes that it’s possible to find a stunning timepiece at a more affordable price, and enjoys writing reviews that help people find their ideal watch at any budget.



Mark was the first writer to join our team.

He has been an avid lover of watches since he was given his first watch at 12 years old, and now has his own collection which is growing steadily.

He has a particular fondness for watches which have a vintage feel to their design and appreciates the workmanship and eye for detail shown in pieces with a mechanical movement.

Mark enjoys discovering the heritage and history of established brands and learning more about their past designs, as well as searching out new and little-known new makers who are bringing something new and exciting to the market.

He writes a range of reviews across Watch Judge.




Simon’s background in marketing for an accessories brand made him an ideal writer to join our reviews team.

He has a great understanding of the design process and the features that are sought after by customers, as well as the manufacturing steps that take a watch from a design to a best-selling accessory in stores and online.

Simon’s appreciation of design is evident from his clothes and he sees a watch as the finishing touch to a well-considered outfit.

He has a small but growing collection of dress watches, his favourite being a classic analogue watch with a skeletonised dial that reveals the inner workings, sat on a leather strap.



You could say that Sarah’s passion for watches was inevitable, as she grew up watching her grandfather fix and restore watches as his favourite hobby.

He explained how tiny pieces work together to keep time and even gifted Sarah her first watch.

Although she appreciates the detail of these older designs, as a keen athlete and a writer for health sites, Sarah now relies on sports watches.

As well as competing in triathlons,

Sarah spends a lot of time hiking and exploring the great outdoors so her GPS watch can help her track training sessions, navigate on hikes, and measure her general health.

Sarah is always keen to learn about the latest smartwatch features and puts them through their paces in her reviews on Watch Judge.