Best Watch For Teenagers Reviews

Updated November 3, 2020

Teenagers tend to look for accessories that define their unique style but also help them fit in with a specific crowd. This makes it a bit more difficult to find cool watches for teenagers that won’t break the bank (most teenagers don’t have a big budget).

Furthermore, in the age of technology, many teens will turn to smartwatches or will just avoid wearing a timepiece altogether. After all, most of them have smartphones – why would they also wear a watch?

Still, there are some interesting designs on the market that may change your teenager’s mind about wearing a classic timepiece. Kids care a lot about fashion and following the latest trends in coolness, so we reviewed a few popular pieces that fit the style and needs of a teenager in today’s crazy world.

Best Watches For Teenager Boys

1 Seiko - Men's SNK807 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch
Best Overall
Seiko SNK807 Teenager Boy's Watch
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Best For Higher Budgets
Fossil Men's Machine Teenager Boy's Watch
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3 Nixon - Time Teller A045 100m Water Resistant Watch
Best For Low Budgets
Nixon Time Teller A045 Teenager Boy's Watch
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4 Daniel Wellington - Classic Glasgow Watch Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow Teenager Boy's Watch
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1. Seiko SNK807 Teenager Boy's Watch

  • Beautiful color combination
  • The materials are durable and feel like prime quality
  • Three-hands movement with luminescent hands
  • 40h power reserve
Best Overall
Seiko - Men's SNK807 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

This is a beautiful analog watch, with a stainless steel case and a blue canvas strap. The dial features a deep blue background and the back of the case is completely transparent, offering a full view of the mechanism.

At first glance, the watch is visually attractive due to the beautiful combination of colors between the case, the dial, and the band. The strap is also resistant to staining and can be cleaned using regular means.

The dial is easy to read as it features Arabic numerals and uses a 12h format. This is an analog design, with a three hands movement and minute markers around the edge.

The sword-shaped hands are painted with luminescent markings, so they will be visible in low-light conditions as well. The movement is automatic, so the watch uses kinetic energy produce by your wrists movement as fuel (there is a 40h reserve – this way the system stays accurate overnight)

Lastly, the watch also has a date complication, in the 3 o’clock position, and everything is controlled and set using the crown that’s placed slightly off-center, at the 4 o’clock position.


Stainless Steel, Canvas Band, Hardlex Crystal Lens
37mm Diameter x 11mm Thickness
Battery Life:
Doesn’t Need a Battery But it Has a 40h Power Reserve


  • Lightweight & durable design
  • The canvas strap is easily washed
  • The dial is easy to read
  • Reliable & accurate automatic movement


  • The dial is a bit small
  • The canvas strap could be a bit better

2. Fossil Men's Machine Teenager Boy's Watch

Best For Higher Budgets

Designed to attract everyone’s attention, this breathtakingly chic watch from Fossil works with every casual and formal outfit in your wardrobe. The deep and dark analog dial is highlighted by the gunmetal-plated stainless steel case with a textured bezel that talks about a rugged and durable design. 

But the details that make this timepiece so legendary are the silver-tone hands, blue hour and minute markers, and blue subdials. The Machine is a multifunctional timepiece with chronograph, 24h format, and date functionalities. 

The design is made complete by the gunmetal-plated stainless steel bracelet (which can be changed with ease) that blends nicely with the case and allows the focus to fall on the black dial and blue subdials. 

Overall, this is a gorgeous six-hand Quartz movement timepiece with good water resistance and a beautiful anti-scratching hardened mineral crystal lens.


Stainless Steel and Mineral Crystal Lens


  • Gorgeous & large face with an analog dial
  • An impressive combination of colors and textures
  • Good water resistance and durability
  • Six-hands Quartz movement
  • Chronograph, 24h format, and date functionalities


  • The clasp can become undone on its own
  • The links in the bracelet are large so it’s a bit difficult to get an accurate fit

3. Nixon Time Teller A045 Teenager Boy's Watch

  • The design is simple & elegant
  • All-black face and body
  • A sturdy stainless steel build
  • A three-hands Japanese quartz movement
Best For Low Budgets
Nixon - Time Teller A045 100m Water Resistant Watch

The stainless steel case and matte link bracelet speak of a durable design that can withstand a few bumps and bruises. Furthermore, the Japanese quartz three-hands movement is protected by a mineral crystal lens that is scratch resistant.

The Time Teller is an all-black design with a golden crown, hands, and hour markers. The black dial also features the brand name, in golden all caps, at the 3 o’clock position. Overall, the dial features a very clean and simple aspect that spills over to the entire design.

As a result, you can wear the Time Teller in any time dimensions and spaces, as it will never go out of style. Its simplicity is ingenious as it makes it a universal accessory and an accurate & reliable timepiece. Through its design and function, this watch remains unpretentious and elegant.


Stainless Steel With Mineral Crystal Lens
45mm Diameter x 8.8mm Thick


  • An easy to read dial that’s free of clutter
  • A gorgeous all-black stainless steel build
  • The strap is secured by a deployment clasp with safety
  • Good water resistance (up to 100 ft)


  • The band is a bit on the flimsy side
  • It takes a bit of getting used to

4. Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow Teenager Boy's Watch

  • Minimalist Scandinavian design
  • A clear and large dial 
  • Durable materials of premium quality
  • Slim profile casing

Featuring a clean-cut design, a slim case profile, and a large dial, this Daniel Wellington timepiece is perfect for users who want something elegant and simple. The design of this watch follows the brand’s famous Scandinavian style that promotes minimalism and style in one package.

Under the hardened mineral crystal lens, you will find an accurate and reliable two-hands Japanese quartz movement. Moving up a bit, we find the clean eggshell dial that features the brand’s logo and hour markers on the edges. Given its simplicity, it may take a bit of practice to learn how to read the dial, but it’s not too much of an extra effort.

The 316L stainless steel silver-plated case is slim (6mm thickness) and has an ultra-thin bezel that intertwines nicely with the lens. In addition, the NATO band (made from a polyester weave with stitched thread) is durable and the watch was designed to resist at up to 3 ATM.

Overall, the watch is visually appealing (so it can be accessorized with both casual and formal attire) and durable.


Hardened Mineral Crystal, Textile Nato Strap, 316L Stainless Steel Case
40mm Diameter x 6mm Thickness
Battery Life:
Will Last For a Few Years Before it Needs Changing


  • The design is simple and elegant
  • All watches are made in Sweden
  • The movement is reliable and accurate
  • Fits both casual and elegant outfits


  • The dial takes a bit of getting used to

Best Watches For Teenager Girls

1 Fossil - Virginia Hybrid Smartwatch Fossil Virginia Teenager Girl's Watch
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2 Dreaming Q&P - Cute Bowknot Bunny Girl's Teenagers' Watch Dreaming Q&P Bowknot Teenager Girl's Watch
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1. Fossil Virginia Teenager Girl's Watch


Designed for the modern and elegant woman, Virginia is a beautiful hybrid watch! 

The all-silver design is visually attractive in itself, but the tiny diamond-like stones encrusted in some of the Roman numerals, the bezel, and even the bracelet really take the spotlight. They shine brightly in the light and attract everyone’s attention, which is why this watch is perfect for people who like to be noticed in social gatherings. 

The face is a bit larger than with most watches for women, but the light vanilla dial makes it work. To support the analog look, there is a three-hands movement. The two main hands follow the time on big, silver Roman numerals. The third hand (which is smaller) is used to indicate your progress in reaching the daily goal for steps (set using the Fossil App on your phone). Also, the outer rim of the dial is marked with Arabic numerals for the day of the month. 

The watch has a built-in accelerometer and activity tracker and connects to Android and iPhones using Bluetooth v4.2. The side buttons are customizable via the app, and you can assign them functions such as Find My Phone (the phone will ring even if it’s set on vibrate), camera shutter control, or music control. 

To indicate notifications (such as alarm, incoming call, text message) the watch uses hand movements and gentle vibration. However, in order to receive these, the watch needs to be connected with the Fossil App.


Stainless Steel, Mineral Crystal Window


  • Amazing design that fits both casual and elegant settings
  • A large face that’s easy to read
  • Goal progress indicator
  • An easy to swap bracelet
  • Great battery life (up to 12 months depending on usage)


  • A bit on the heavy side
  • It takes a bit to understand how the connection with the app works
  • No LCD/OLED screen to indicate notifications or texts

2. Dreaming Q&P Bowknot Teenager Girl's Watch

  • The display is very beautiful 
  • It is a three-hands quartz watch
  • The MYOTA Japanese movement is reliable
  • It is comfortable to wear for a long time

This is a very good-looking watch for children who want a beautiful timepiece that looks like a nice bracelet. The white leather strap is comfortable and can be secured on the wrist due to the solid tang buckle. This way, the watch stays on even during playtime!

The golden case is made from stainless steel and features a scratch-resistant lens, and together they protect a three-hands quartz movement. The movement is Japanese (a metallic MIYOTA) and is designed to provide accuracy and reliability for a long time.

The hands are carefully crafted to fit the beautiful display that’s adorned with handmade polymer clay bunnies with flowers and Arabic numerals for 12, 3, 6, and 9. The other hours are marked with cute little hearts.

Overall, this timepiece can be a beautiful gift for a child or someone you know would appreciate the flowery embellishments.


Leather Strap, Stainless Steel Case, Mineral Crystal Lens
36mm Diameter x 11mm Thickness
Battery Life:
Long Lifetime


  • The strap is made from genuine leather
  • The timepiece is water and shock-resistant (to some degree)
  • It features a feminine design
  • The battery has a long lifetime


  • The display is rather difficult to read because of the embellishments

Teenager Watch Buying Guide


Teenagers care a lot about their appearance, which is why, to them, the style is the most important element when making such a purchase. Furthermore, the preferences are extremely different as some kids love a flashy timepiece while others would rather go with a minimalist design. 

As such, we managed to find three main style categories for cool watches for teens: 


This style is for the most fashionable teenagers who enjoy showing off their accessories and don’t mind standing out from the crowd. For instance, a boy’s dress watch is elegant and focuses on a minimalist design with premium materials. 

On the other hand, a dress watch for teenage girls is a bit flashier, but also elegant and can usually be accessorized with various jewelry. 

Overall, a dress watch fits nicely with modern attire and works for both school and fun times. 


In the world of watches, a timepiece is considered casual when the strap is not leather or the dial is digital. As such, a digital watch for teens, with stainless steel or a textile strap should be included in this category. 

These watches work with jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, and other items of clothing that most teenagers love to wear. Of course, this doesn’t mean these watches are less cool; it just means the design is not as pretentious. 

As you can see from our reviews, even casual timepieces can look astonishing!


Teenagers have a lot of energy, so it’s not uncommon for them to practice a sport or even go to the gym. In these cases, you need a reliable timepiece that’s resistant to high humidity and can withstand a few mild shocks.

These timepieces are built around durability, which is why the design can seem a bit bulky. However, most sports watches also come with interesting features that help users keep track of their progress (which enhances the cool factor). 

Furthermore, these features are usually grouped around a specific type of activity like camping and hiking, working out in the gym, or running. 

Overall, sports watches for boys and girls are perfect for active teenagers who like to follow their progress in time. 


As the industry of watchmaking evolved, so did the technology used to build movements and watches in general. As such, nowadays we have the luxury of choosing from a wide range of styles and types. 

When we’re talking about watches for young men and women, there are three popular types: analog, digital, and smart. 


Modern digital watches have an LCD display and use an electronic brain to tell the time and date. Now, people who are more conservative about watches will say that digital watches should never be used in a formal setting, but there are some very elegant designs out there that can rival an analog timepiece anytime. 

However, most digital watches for teens are indeed more casual but they’re also resistant to shocks and may have more features than just telling the time and date. Digital watches are perfect for children who just move into teenagehood and want to showcase their independence and style.


This type is a classical watch design and fits both dress and casual styles. Analog watches have the hours marked on the dial and use hands to tell the time. The hands are guided by the movement, which can be quartz-powered, mechanical, or Automatic, depending on the build. 

The designs are overall elegant and fit both men and women. In fact, the main difference between a boy’s analog watch and a girl’s analog watch is the size of the dial – larger dials are usually for boys.


What teenager doesn’t want a smartwatch? You’ll rarely find a kid who is not interested in the latest smartwatch model from Apple or Samsung, but the budget may not always allow it. While the main attraction point for young people is the novelty and the desire to have the latest technology, smartwatches may just be the watches of the future. 

They come in a wide variety of styles and types, and modern models are quite reliable and have good battery life. Furthermore, there are some interesting smart watches for teenagers, with pretty cool features and at an affordable price. 

Not to mention that most smartwatches offer access to an app store, so kids can try new things until they find the right combination for their needs.


While an adult may choose a timepiece for practical purposes, most teenagers will be attracted by the style and type. Still, there are other features to consider, especially if you’re looking for a timepiece that will last the test of time. 

As such, a watch for teenagers should be resistant to water (at least 30m underwater) and the lens should be scratch-resistant as well. Furthermore, the strap should be made from a durable material (unless you’re sure the kid can take care of a more pretentious material). 

These features are important because teenagers are usually energetic and don’t put that much thought into how their actions could impact their accessories. 

Our reviews include several waterproof boys’ watches and durable timepieces for girls as well, to make sure you have the chance to choose the best design. 


The timepieces we reviewed all use prime quality materials designed to last the rambunctiousness of a teenager. The idea is to select  high-quality materials that look good and don’t get easily damaged. 

For instance, a gold watch for boys comes with a golden stainless steel case that’s scratch-resistant and waterproof. 

This means the timepiece is elegant and makes a fantastic dress watch, but it will also last the test of time.  Less formal designs are either made with stainless steel or resin, and the straps are usually made from textile materials or stainless steel. 

Pricing Range

Most teenagers can’t afford an expensive watch, but that doesn’t mean you should select low-quality pieces. We managed to find some high-quality cheap watches for boys and girls that prove you don’t need a big budget to have fashionable or trendy accessories. 

Today’s watches are made from durable and affordable materials that look good in most scenarios. In fact, even some high-end watches use stainless steel for the case and strap. The difference is made by finer details and craftsmanship. 

In summary, you can find a great timepiece for your kid even if the budget is not generous.

Our Verdict

It’s easy to think that teenagers are not interested in wearing a watch (unless it’s the latest Apple Watch). However, for them, the watch is an accessory that’s all about image and style.

As such, many popular teens would love to wear a fashionable dress timepiece that accentuates their uniqueness. On the other hand, teens also want to fit it, so they will go for the pieces promoted by their trendsetters (aka the popular kids).

We learned that there are plenty of watches for young men and women on the market. In addition, these timepieces are reliable, affordable, and look amazing!

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