Best Police Watch Reviews

Updated May 16, 2023

There’s no doubt about the fact that the best police watch needs to be a tactical model.

But what features make a timepiece tactical?

We did the research and learned that a tactical watch sums up a combination of great features that create a durable, solid, and easy to read design. The type of information the watch can offer also matters.

While there isn’t one clear definition of the best watch for law enforcement, there are several models that fit the bill. We reviewed some of the best brands and designs in the market and put together a comprehensive list of the ones that would help improve the work of a police officer.

So, before you make a choice, make sure to read our guidelines and reviews.

Best Men's Police Watches

1 Suunto - Core All Black Suunto Core All Black Men's Police Watch
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2 Casio - G-Shock GW2310-1
Best Overall
Casio G-Shock GW2310-1 Men's Police Watch
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3 Casio - G-Shock DW6900BB-1 Casio G-Shock DW6900BB-1 Men's Police Watch
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4 Samsung - Galaxy Watch Samsung Galaxy Men's Police Watch
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1. Suunto Core All Black Men's Police Watch


The Suunto Core is an outdoor watch with features that make it a great fit for military use. It is equipped with an altimeter, barometer, and a digital compass – the three sensors that let you know about changes in air pressure and help with navigation (which comes in handy in unfamiliar terrain).

The data collected by the sensors are also used in creating a weather trend graph and delivering reliable storm alerts. The storm alert is activated by a sudden drop in air pressure over a three-hour period, which means you’ll know about it while the sky is still blue. The alarm has both sound and flashing lights, so it’s difficult to miss.

The watch also has preset sunrise/sunset times for over 400 locations and tracks changes in elevation (within 30,000 feet accuracy). This data can be useful when you’re monitoring progress (it can store up to 7 days of data in the local memory). In addition, the altimeter is extremely useful in finding your position using a topographic map.

Watches in the Suunto Core collection have a very useful feature – the start-from-zero function that eliminates the need of entering a reference altitude. You just press a button and the altimeter will start doing its job.

The watch supports several alarms (with snooze), has a digital thermometer, stopwatch, countdown timer, and other features that come handy for people who work outdoors. On the surface, the design is rugged and durable, just what you’d expect from an outdoor watch.

The black silicone band and black carbon reinforced case don’t distract the eye from the main attention – the digital dial. The face of the watch is large and easy to read, and there are side buttons to change the modes and make adjustments.

Lastly, the watch has a discreet backlighting system, meaning you can still read it in low light conditions without pointing to your location.


Silicone Band, Aluminum Bezel, Carbon Fiber Case, Mineral Lens
2.26 oz


  • Lightweight & durable case and strap
  • Lots of useful tactical functions
  • Equipped with altimeter, barometer, and digital compass
  • The bezel (with compass markings) can be rotated
  • It has Storm Alarm function


  • It is rather big for small wrists
  • There is a learning curve

Why We Chose This

While the Suunto Core is not promoted as a series of police watches, it fits the needs of many law enforcement agencies. It has tactical features that allow for better orientation in unknown terrain, and it doesn’t depend on a connection with the phone to do its job. It’s also lightweight, durable, and easy to read. Lastly, it can be used while wearing gloves since the communication with the interface is done via side buttons.

2. Casio G-Shock GW2310-1 Men's Police Watch

Best Overall
Casio - G-Shock GW2310-1

The G-Shock collection is well-known among people who need a watch that doesn’t break and offers a series of reliable features.

This model, for instance, comes with 4 daily alarms with 1 snooze, a chronograph, 1/100 second stopwatch, world time, 31 times zones (48 cities + UTC), city code display, daylight saving on/off, and hourly time signal.

The watch uses multi-band atomic timekeeping (for regions in the US, the UK, Germany, Japan, China), and has a full-auto calendar that’s ready to go until 2099. It displays the time in both 12h and 24h formats and has a countdown timer.

To make things even more impressive, the watch uses solar power to recharge and one charge can last up to 10 months. Furthermore, it doesn’t need direct solar light – Casio’s technique makes it possible to recharge the battery from a fluorescent lamp, with the same rate of success.

In addition, the watch is equipped with Casio’s full auto EL Backlight with afterglow, which allows users to check their dial without shining a bright light all around.

The face may look a bit crowded, but once you get used to the G-Shock interface, it will feel extremely natural. The time is displayed in digital format and is easy to read.


Stainless Steel Bezel, Resin Band & Case, Mineral Window


  • It charges from sunlight and other light sources
  • Extremely accurate timekeeping
  • World Time feature with plenty of options
  • Water-resistance is very good
  • Extremely durable (resists to shock, scratches, and other incidents)


  • It can be rather bulky, especially on smaller wrists
  • The interface needs some getting used to
  • You may not use all the functions

Why We Chose This

All watches for police officers are designed to be durable and easy to use, without calling people’s attention to the design. As such, the G-Shock GW2310-1 fits the bill perfectly and even adds to it! This is a solar-powered watch with good backlighting, and world time features (among others). So, regardless of your location, you will know the time and date with absolute precision.

3. Casio G-Shock DW6900BB-1 Men's Police Watch


If you ever found the G-shock watch face and interface too complex for your taste, but loved the durability and reliability, this is the perfect design for your needs. The face is big (50mm case diameter) and easy to read as the watch only has a few functions (hourly time signal, multi-function alarm, 1/100 second stopwatch, and countdown timer).

The time is displayed in digital format (12 & 24h) and there is a full auto-calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099). The adjustments are performed via the four side buttons, and, due to EL Backlight with afterglow, you can see the information clearly even in low light conditions.

Overall, this G-Shock design features a solid build (shock, water, and magnetic resistant), with lightweight and durable materials, and a very simple interface. It has all the basic features a tactical person would need, and it is highly reliable.


Resin Case, Mineral Window, Resin Strap, Stainless Steel Back Case


  • Simple interface that’s easy to understand
  • Basic features for a tactical position
  • EL Backlight
  • Reliable and durable under almost any circumstance
  • Lightweight & comfortable to wear


  • Looks big and bulky on smaller wrists

Why We Chose This

The G-Shock DW6900BB-1 may as well be the best watch for law enforcement if you’re looking for something durable, simple, and affordable. Like all G-Shock designs, this timepiece is built like a tank and it will be with you for years to come. So, if you’re happy with just the basic features, great water resistance, and some good backlight, this is the perfect piece.

4. Samsung Galaxy Men's Police Watch


Samsung designed the Galaxy smartwatch as a fitness wearable that looks and feels like a classic analog timepiece. And they managed to do a fantastic job!

The smartwatch features a round stainless steel case with a wide array of available straps (easy to switch), a mechanical rotating bezel, and lots of watch faces to choose from. Overall, the design fits both elegant and casual settings and can be used while working out (5ATM water resistance).

It uses Bluetooth v4.2 to pair with both Android and iOS smartphones and, depending on your use, it may go on one charge for two or three days.

You can use it as a smartwatch – checking your daily schedule, making calls, listening to music – or as a fitness wearable. The built-in sensors (accelerometer, barometer, gyro sensor, HR sensor, and light sensor) keep track of your activities, the intensity of the workout, and more. When connected to the accompanying app, the data is used to create graphs and charts that showcase your progress in time.

In addition to this, users can connect with various IoT devices around the house (TV, vacuum cleaner, smart speaker), supporting the smart home concept. Overall, this is a complex smartwatch, with lots of cool apps and plenty of useful features. It looks like a classic analog watch (depending on the face you’re using) and it is durable.


Mil Std 810G Gorilla Glass DX+ Lens, Stainless Steel Case, Silicone Strap
Battery Life:
2 to 3 days


  • Elegant design & durable build
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Access to a wide range of apps
  • Compatible with Android & iOS
  • Great fitness tracking capabilities


  • The battery doesn’t last too long
  • 3rd party app support is not great

Why We Chose This

While having a smartwatch on your wrist may seem a bit too much for law enforcement, it can be a useful device. You get notifications and can make calls without touching your phone and the watch provides support for all sorts of apps for orientation, fitness, and entertainment. While the battery and durability are not as great, if you want a smart device on your wrist, Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is one of the best.

Best Women's Police Watches

1 Casio - G-Shock GMAS130-1A Casio G-Shock GMAS130-1A Women's Police Watch
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2 Timex - T5K187 Ironman Timex T5K187 Ironman Women's Police Watch
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1. Casio G-Shock GMAS130-1A Women's Police Watch


Featuring an analog & digital dial, this S Series G-Shock can be a great companion for outdoor adventurers, military, or law enforcement. It is an all-black design, that resists shocks and scratches.

It is durable, lightweight, and can resist for up to 200m underwater. It also has double LED lighting, to provide the best viewing experience in low-light. It is equipped with a three-axis acceleration sensor and has a step counter that starts automatically every time you’re on the move (walking, jogging, or running).

The interface is easy to understand, and easy to control (using the rugged side buttons). However, if you’re new to the G-Shock brand, it may take a bit to get used to the interface.


Silicone Band, Resin Case, Mineral Crystal Window


  • Durable & comfortable to use
  • Impressive G-shock design
  • Step Goal Progress Display
  • Step counter that starts automatically
  • Good water resistance


  • It can still look bulky on smaller wrists
  • The interface has a learning curve

Why We Chose This

G-Shock may be the best brand for police watches as they are durable and extremely useful to people in a tactical position. This particular design is slimmer, so it fits women and people with smaller wrists, but it’s still a bit bulky in comparison with other brands. Regardless, it is reliable and packs a series of amazing features, especially considering the affordable price.

2. Timex T5K187 Ironman Women's Police Watch


Timex is often the first name that comes to mind when it comes to watches. This ladies Ironman watch has a black resin case and strap with purple accents. It’s classy enough to wear to work but durable enough to wear outdoors and for sports and activities. 

Digital features include a 24-hour stopwatch, 10 preset countdown timers, and alarm with a 5-minute backup, and a month and date calendar. 

It’s water-resistant to 330 feet (100 meters) which is generally suitable for snorkeling or swimming, but not recommended for diving.

It also features the proprietary trademark of Timex watches, the Indiglo backlight system. The Timex electroluminescent lamps, branded Indiglo, are among the most successful features of the Ironman watch line. The Indiglo lamp uniformly lights the surface of the Timex’s watch dials in a manner that makes the dial easy to read in almost any light setting.


Resin Case and Band
1.34 inches x 0.45 inches
27.22 grams


  • You can’t go wrong with a Timex watch, and this ladies Ironman combines sharp looks with features for a variety of activities.
  • Has the famous Ironman Indiglo backlight system.
  • Features digital functions such as a stopwatch, timers and an alarm.


  • Water resistant to only 330 feet, which isn’t recommended for diving.
  • Doesn’t have as many features as a smartwatch.

Why We Chose This

When it comes to watches, Timex is one of the top brands, and this ladies Ironman lives up to its name. It has features ready for a variety of activities, such as a stopwatch, timers and calendar functions, and it looks good. It also has the proprietary Indiglo backlight system, which makes it easy to see in any kind of light conditions.

Police Watch Buying Guide


Law enforcement and military personnel need a timepiece that’s durable, shock and water resistant, and has good battery life. These features usually translate in a rugged, bulkier design that’s not very common in casual office scenarios. 

While it may seem a bit off putting, the rugged design is necessary to build a watch that can withstand the rigors of field work. As a police officer, you have to be prepared to enforce the law by all legal means necessary, which may involve shocks, scratches, or water submersion. These are rough conditions that require a solid design that won’t fall apart at the first signs of trouble. 

As such, the first features that matter when looking for the best watches for law enforcement are shock-resistance, water-resistance, and build. The second most important features are reliability and stealth. 

Law enforcement personnel must know the time and date with accurate precision (for filling in reports, orientation, and more). This is why our top choice is a timepiece with Multi-Band Atomic timekeeping – this is a watch that will never gain or lose time!

Furthermore, if the watch provides GPS connectivity or has orientation sensors (altimeter, barometer, and compass), they must be well-calibrated and reliable. These data can be life-saving in an emergency, and the user must trust they will provide the correct information.  

Lastly, a tactical watch should also provide a few extra features such as stopwatch functionality, temperature readings, topographic maps, countdown timers, and more. All these must fit well on the watch face or dial, so it’s easy to identify the information at a quick glance. 


The durability of a tactical timepiece is an important feature as it speaks of its usefulness in tough situations. As such, make sure to select pieces that feature a silicone or resin strap that’s resistant to water and comfortable to wear. The case could be made from resin, reinforced carbon, or stainless steel (or a combination of these) depending on the model and your preferences. Lastly, the lens must be scratch-resistant and needs to provide maximum visibility.


Also known as luminous paint, Lume also speaks about backlight and other lighting options. In the case of a police watch, you want a model that lets you stay in stealth mode while maintaining legibility in low light conditions.

As you can see from our reviews, there are several options to illuminate the dial without attracting everyone’s attention. There is Casio’s EL Backlight technology, LED illumination, and luminous paint – all great features. However, if you have the choice, we would recommend a discrete backlighting system. 

Also, most designs promote a matte finish, with anti-reflective coatings over the case, lens, and even strap. The reason for this lack of shineness is stealth. This is more important in the military, but some undercover police missions require complete blending in the environment and a shiny watch is not the way to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What watches are good for police officers or military personnel?

Law enforcement and military personnel need a timepiece that’s durable, shock and water resistant, and has good battery life.