Best Orient Watch Reviews

Updated May 6, 2022

Choosing that perfect watch may not be such an easy task but if your heart is set on impeccable quality, timeless elegance and irrefutable trustworthiness, Orient watches should surely be on your short list of things to consider.

When you say Japan, you immediately think of years and years of tradition, flawless and precise mechanisms that last forever and Orient watches are proof testaments of that. They intertwine more than a century of craftsmanship with good taste and this describes perfectly any and all of the watches.

This watch’s review tries to showcase just some of the pieces that will really make any collector proud to own it. And not just own it but wear it. Read more about our all-watch review and buying guide.

Best Orient Watches

Best For Higher Budgets
1Orient Sun and Moon 3 Men's Watch
Orient Mens Sun and Moon Version 3 Watch
Best For Higher Budgets
Orient Sun and Moon 3 Men's Watch
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2 Orient Bambino Version 3 Orient Bambino 3 Men's Watch
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3 mens watches under 200
Best Overall
Orient Mako II Men's Watch
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4 Orient - Men's ER27001B Classic Orient ER27001B Men's Watch
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Best For Low Budgets
5Orient Charlene Women's Watch
Orient - Women's Charlene
Best For Low Budgets
Orient Charlene Women's Watch
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6 Orient - Sun & Moon Roman Indices Lady Watch Orient Roman Indices Women's Watch
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1. Orient Sun and Moon 3 Men's Watch

Best For Higher Budgets
Orient Mens Sun and Moon Version 3 Watch

As the name says, this model is the third version of the Sun and Moon collection. So, you know from the start the producer worked hard to come up with a better design and mechanism, based on requests from real customers. 

As such, Version 3 is equipped with Japanese-automatic movement but also supports hand-winding and hacking capabilities. The watch shows the time (using an analog design), date, and day of the week. Of course, you also get a Sun and Moon indicator that lets you know if it’s day or night time (something like an AM/PM indicator). 

The mechanism is protected by a sapphire crystal window and the back is transparent so you can see some of the elements at work. 

Lastly, this is quite a large watch (42.5mm in diameter) that boasts a stainless steel case and an alligator style leather strap with buckle closure.


Stainless steel


  • Eye-catching design with stainless steel case & leather strap
  • Water-resistant for up to 50m
  • The back is transparent so you can see the mechanism
  • It supports hand-winding and hacking
  • Day & date calendar and Sun/Moon indicator
  • Japan movement mechanism


  • It can run a few seconds faster
  • The strap is not the best quality

2. Orient Bambino 3 Men's Watch


As a brand, Orient is known on the market for classic watch designs, which is why the Bambino series is such a breath of fresh air! Just like its predecessors, Bambino Version 3 is an elegant timepiece with a minimalist design with clean, vertical lines.

The sunburst dial, rectangular hands, and date complication are complemented by the stainless steel case and leather strap, creating a beautiful and elegant design. In addition, it’s easy to notice the elements that make the Bambino series so special – the signature domed crystal and domed dial.

Of course, we can’t ignore the Japanese automatic movement that features hand-winding and hacking or the beautiful stainless steel case back decorated with the Orient logo. Overall, the Bambino Version III is an elegant watch with lots of personality and style.


Mineral Lens, Stainless Steel, Leather
41 mm
8.82 ounces


  • Minimalist design that’s visually appealing
  • Automatic movement with hand-winding and hacking
  • Solid built with high-quality materials
  • The dial and lens are impressive
  • Clean-looking dial


  • The date window is rather small
  • The case is big and doesn’t fit slim wrists

3. Orient Mako II Men's Watch

Best Overall
mens watches under 200

The Orient watch company has been manufacturing mechanical watches for over 65 years, and all the movements, in other words the timing device, are made in Japan.

This fashionable, all stainless steel watch combines the company’s mechanical quality with stylish design. It features a mineral crystal and a power reserve of about 40 hours. It does require hand winding. 

The watch specifications state that it’s water resistant to 200 meters or 660 feet, and also states that it’s suitable for professional marine activity and surface water sports. 

It has a three-hand analog display with day and date at the 3 o’clock position.


Stainless Steel Case, Stainless Steel Band
4.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches
13.1 ounces


  • Stylish design with stainless steel band.
  • Easy-to-read display and day-date display.
  • Power reserve of about 40 hours.


  • Suitable as an all-around watch but may not be the best choice for professional divers.

4. Orient ER27001B Men's Watch

  • Elegant black dial with matching black leather band and buckle closure.
  • Modern automatic Japanese watch with analog display.
  • Resistant mineral dial window with stainless steel case.
  • Extra date window.

Classic, in the real sense of the word, the Orient men’s classic watch is an elegant, modern, fully functional accessory that any man can wear daily or casually.

Showcasing an analog display, this automatic, water resistant watch looks apart with its classy black dial, silvery markers and matching black croc-embossed leather calfskin band.

This classic masterpiece is a gentleman’s must have.


Stainless Steel
0.59 x 0.59 x 0.59 inches
Battery Life:
No battery


  • Easy to read with its analog display and big black dial and contrasting silvery markers.
  • Functionality: the date window on the dial at 3 o’clock displaying the date of the month.
  • Water resistant up to 30 m or 99 feet.
  • Quality of the Japanese movements.


  • The mineral dial window is a bit less durable than the sapphire one.
  • Like all automatic watches it is a little bit less accurate than a quartz one.

5. Orient Charlene Women's Watch

Best For Low Budgets
Orient - Women's Charlene

Charlene is a beautiful and elegant timepiece, fit to be part of a lady’s set of accessories. The stainless steel link bracelet completed by a secure foldover clasp looks well on a woman’s wrist and gives the watch a bit of weight (both figuratively and literally). 

The stainless steel case is simple and sturdy with a full back (also stainless steel) and a domed mineral crystal lens. Under the lens, the mother-of-pearl dial is beautifully highlighted by CZ stones (in place of hour markers) and three silver hands. There’s also a date window in the three o’clock position. 

The Japanese-automatic movement is self-winding (powered by the movement of the wrist) and quite reliable. However, the power reserve is not too big, so you may have to use the crown to set the time in the morning. 

Overall, Charlene looks and feels like an entry-level high-end watch and makes for a beautiful gift.


Stainless Steel, Mineral Crystal Lens


  • Elegant stainless-steel design
  • Beautiful domed lens
  • An accurate self-winding Japanese movement
  • Fits smaller wrists quite nicely
  • CZ stones instead of hour markers


  • The power reserve is small
  • There are no luminous hands

6. Orient Roman Indices Women's Watch

  • Distinctive charm and creative design with the Sun & Moon indicator.
  • Modern quartz Japanese watch with analog display.
  • Resistant curved sapphire crystal glass combined with a stainless steel case.
  • Extra date windows.

If you are partial to analog quartz watches, a fun, yet sophisticated piece to look at, is the Orient Sun & Moon Indices watch.

What makes it so special? Could be the Roman Indices, the Sun & Moon indicator showing you clearly whether it is coffee or cocktail time, the curved sapphire crystal glass mixed with a black leather band. It most certainly looks apart and as a member of the Orient watches family it is surely a quality piece that any lady will appreciate.

But let’s face it! It is the Sun & Moon happy faces that make it so unique and distinctive.


Stainless Steel, Leather
4 x 3 x 3 inches
Battery Life:
3 years


  • Functionality due to the date windows and Sun & Moon indicator.
  • Water resistant up to 50 m
  • Quality of the Japanese movements.
  • Unique design combining the Roman Indices on white colour dial with black leather band.


  • The distinctive design might make it a bit harder to accessorize but for the right woman it is perfect.
  • The distinctive sound that all quartz watches make.

Orient Watch Buying Guide

Design & Style

Tradition, style, and craftsmanship. These 3 attributes can describe any of the Orient watches, whether be Orient quartz watch or mechanical watch.

Orient Company is considered to be one of the top 3 Japanese watch manufacturers, focused predominantly on mechanical masterpieces. What makes it so unique is the fact that all movements are created in-house, exclusively for their own use.  

But since quartz watches actually came from the land of the Rising Sun, it makes perfect sense that Orient does also create quartz watches. The same as the mechanical ones, the Orient quartz watches have all of their movements created in-house, thus offering the best quality, reliability, and style for all of their creations.


When you say quality and reliability you think of Japanese mechanisms.

And when you say Orient movements you can rest assured that you will get the best there is. Orient watches have all of their movements produced in the house, for their own use.

This way the company can ensure the quality and attend to every piece they create in a manner that will make you treasure and appreciate the valor of owning an Orient watch.

Orient Automatic Watch

An Orient automatic watch is a testament that you will get a particular charm, personality, and durability along with the mastery achieved through the long history of the Orient manufactory. And being an automatic watch, you just need to enjoy it! 

Orient Mechanical Watch

When acquiring an Orient mechanical watch, you get the mastery and the decades of experience the company offers, the particular attention paid to each and every movement designed and created especially with your watch in mind. That mastery will transpire into a timeless little device that will make you proud of owning it.

Orient Watch Quality

When you choose an Orient watch, you don’t just get a time counting device but actually a meticulously designed and created little masterpiece.

Having such a rich history behind it, the Orient watch company can proudly be called one of the best.

Attention to detail, and dedication to quality can and are achieved to the degree of mastery by the fact that movements are created solely for their own use, thus managing to maintain the highest standards in quality.

And let’s not forget that each watch is also a stylish piece of incredible value!

Orient Watch Company

Orient watch company can proudly be called one of the top watch manufacturers in Japan. With a history dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century, the company is a testament to what can be achieved with a continuous dedication to improvement, maintaining quality while adjusting to the new market that came along throughout the years.

The fact that the company still produces their movements in the house, for their own use, and the Japanese traditional quality guarantee, of it create a unique company. Orient watch is synonymous with saying quality, durability, style, and let’s face it great value.

Pricing Range

BEST OVERALL Orient Mako II Men’s Watch
When buying an Orient watch you need to consider that you are paying for the real value of the watch and not just for a time counting device. The Orient watch price will fairly reflect the quality, preciseness, and style of the watch you are choosing and you will definitely be getting more than what you paid for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Orient watches good?

The simple and honest answer is yes, they are indeed good watches. And the 2 million watches produced per year are a testament that they are treasured by the customers.

And if you need something to help you decide, just consider this:

  • Japanese quality guaranteed
  • In-house movements produced  
  • Dedication to keeping the tradition of a century production of mechanical watches
  • Incredibly stylish
Q: Where to buy orient watches?

You can find a full selection of Orient watches online on

Just take a second and choose the one that reflects best your style and personality. You can choose according to your liking from:

  • Mechanical watches
  • Quartz watches
  • A fine selection for men or women

Our Verdict

Yes, yes and yes!

Beautiful, reliable and with a unique soul! This is how one would describe an Orient watch.

We all know that a watch is not just for counting time, and an Orient watch is an accessory for counting meaningful moments in life. If you want a quality, stylish and yet incredibly reliable watch then you need your own Orient watch.

Mechanical, quartz, analog or not, all of the Orient watches have a heart, an inner core made out of care for a job perfectly done, an unbending dedication to quality, all of it presented a classy, tasteful form. Orient company is a real brand.

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