Best Men's Blue Dial Watch Reviews

Updated October 27, 2020

It is a truth universally accepted that any man who wants to keep up with the fashion trends needs to have at least one classic timepiece in his accessories kit.

Now, the standard men’s classic watch is the one featuring a white dial with black numbers and markers. Pair it with a black or brown leather strap and you have a beautiful timepiece that goes with both suits and casual outfits.

However, the trends are not there to be followed blindly – things can be spiced up a bit.

So, if you want a stylish but modern timepiece, we recommend having a look at blue face watches. You get the same style and quality but with an interesting twist.

The deep navy color goes beautifully with a stainless steel case and helps highlight hour markers and hands. It also pairs well with both leather and stainless steel straps, creating a gorgeous visual effect.

Best Men's Blue Dial Watches

1 Skagen - Men's Signatur SKW6529 Skagen Men's Signatur SKW6529
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2 Seiko - Men's SNKN37 Stainless Steel Self-Wind Watch Seiko SNKN37 Stainless Steel Self-Wind Watch
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3 Citizen - BU4020-01L Men's Drive Calfskin Strap 22 Casual Watch
Best For Low Budgets
Citizen BU4020-01L 22 Casual Watch
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Best Overall
Bulova Men's Quartz 96B256
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5 Tissot - PRS 516 Automatic Blue Dial Men's Watch Tissot PRS 516 Automatic Blue Dial Men's Watch
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6 Hamilton - Jazzmaster Automatic Open Heart Blue Dial
Best For Higher Budgets
Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic Open Heart Blue Dial
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1. Skagen Men's Signatur SKW6529

  • Elegant design with a slim profile
  • Stainless steel build 
  • Analog face with quartz-powered movement
  • Speaks of class and style

Skagen is a brand that manages to highlight the beauty of a round dial using the simplest and most elegant materials.

As such, the Skagen Signatur (model SKW6529) features a round sandblasted stainless steel case that guards a sky-blue dial with an analog, three-hands design.

The hands, hour markers, and logo have a silver hue, which contrasts nicely with the deep blue in the background. As such, even though there are no numbers, the face is incredibly easy to read.

To keep the balance, the stainless steel mesh bracelet has the same deep gray tone as the case and ends up with a fold-over jewelry clasp closure. Overall, the watch has a slim profile, so it works with any outfit, from highly formal to sport casual.

Lastly, it has a 50m water resistance, meaning it will hold its own in case it gets splashed or you break a sweat. However, the case doesn’t protect the mechanism in case of submersion or high humidity.


Stainless steel case and band
8mm case thickness, 9inch band length, 45mm case diameter
Case Diameter:
45 mm
Watch Strap:
22 millimeters wide, stainless steel strap
Battery Life:
1 to 2 years


  • Beautiful looking watch
  • Easy to see & read face
  • Lightweight & secure on the wrist
  • Durable materials & Quartz movement


  • Water-resistance is low
  • The mesh bracelet grabs arm hairs

2. Seiko SNKN37 Stainless Steel Self-Wind Watch

  • Vintage-looking design with modern features
  • Large & solid stainless steel case
  • Exhibition back 
  • Beautiful blue sunburst dial

Definitely a watch with vintage vibes, the SNKN37 model is manly without being overbearing on your wrist.

The cushion-shape stainless steel case protects a beautiful sunburst blue dial that changes reflection according to the angle of light.

As such, even though the watch in itself is elegant and visually appealing, the blue dial is the one that catches the viewers’ eye first.

The dial is adorned by large silver Arabic numerals, silver markers, and three solid hands. It also features a date window, in the three o’clock position.

The case is solid and large (43.5mm diameter) with an exhibition back (to see the mechanism) and a Hardlex window on the face. Even more, the mechanism is powered by an automatic self-winding movement that uses the movements of the hand to fill up the reserve.

To complete the vintage design, the distressed leather strap has a solid buckle closure and the crown is based on a push/pull system.

Still, the mechanism is protected against splashes or humid areas (50m/165ft water resistance).


Hardlex dial window, leather strap, stainless steel case
11.4 millimeters case thickness, 24 millimeters band width, 43.5 millimeters case diameter
Case Diameter:
43.5 mm
Watch Strap:
Distressed leather


  • Solid design with durable materials
  • Three-hands automatic self-winding movement
  • Large face with analog design
  • Secure fit & comfortable on the wrist


  • It is a bit bulky
  • No lume

3. Citizen BU4020-01L 22 Casual Watch

  • Beautiful design with gorgeous blue dial
  • Comfortable leather strap 
  • Eco-Drive Technology that uses any light source
  • Sturdy build with good water resistance
Best For Low Budgets
Citizen - BU4020-01L Men's Drive Calfskin Strap 22 Casual Watch

If you’re looking for a watch that stands out without being flashy, this Citizen model is a perfect choice!

Designed as an outdoor watch (100m water resistance), it is sturdy and reliable without being too bulky.

Also, the deep navy blue dial is extremely impressive and combines nicely with the silver tones of the case and the honey color of the strap.

In the background, the dial has differently-shaped grooves that make you think of the gears that tick inside. It also features two subdials (the day of the week and month), and a three-hand analog movement powered by quartz.

The main hands and hour markers have tiny strips of luminous paint that makes them visible in low light situations.

The watch is equipped with Eco-Drive Technology which means the system is powered by any light source.

This means you’ll never have to worry about changing the battery – just place the watch under a light source and you’re good to go.


Stainless steel case, Mineral window, Leather strap
11 millimeters case thickness, 22 millimeters band width
Case Diameter:
42 mm
Watch Strap:
Battery Life:
Doesn’t need a new battery (powered by light sources)


  • Gorgeous design for the blue dial
  • Quartz movement powered by any light source
  • Comfortable to wear for a long time
  • Good water resistance


  • The strap is a bit short

4. Bulova Men's Quartz 96B256

Best Overall

The Marine Star is a beautiful Bulova wrist watch! While it is rather massive, it also comes equipped with a series of features that put it at the top of anyone’s list. 

As you can see, the watch has two crowns, each with its own functions. The 10 o’clock crown lets you operate the rotating inner bezel ring, while the 3 o’clock one needs to be unscrewed and its job is to set the time and the date. 

The Marine Star also features three other complications on its deep-blue analog dial, which makes it a six hand calendar chronograph. In addition, the timepiece is equipped with a stopwatch timing to 1/1,000-second and their proprietary Precisionist-class torsional resonator movement (one of the most accurate in the world). The subdials let users time their activities, while the dual-duty floating second-hand adds to the authenticity of the watch. 

Lastly, the rugged design combines nicely with the flat mineral glass (for increased visibility and protection), screw-back stainless steel case, stainless steel bracelet, and overall silver-tone finish.


Stainless Steel, Mineral Crystal Lens
43 mm


  • Extremely accurate movement
  • Gorgeous analog dial
  • Plenty of functions and easy to read subdials
  • Rugged design that attracts compliments
  • Good water resistance


  • Quite heavy and big for small wrists
  • The band is not the best

5. Tissot PRS 516 Automatic Blue Dial Men's Watch

  • Automatic Swiss-made movement
  • Fixed ceramic bezel & push/pull crown
  • Solid build with vivid blue dial
  • Gorgeous color combination

Tissot PRS 516 is a beautiful timepiece with an elegant design that sends out vintage vibes without looking out of place in our modern times.

The stainless steel case is solid and features a ceramic fixed bezel with markings for minutes (from five to five).

The background is a vivid shade of blue with horizontal lines in the central area. The background contrasts nicely with the luminous silver-tone paddle-style shape hands and the red second hand shaped like a long-tailed T (it’s a three-hand movement).

Besides the brand markings and a date/day complication at the 3 o’clock position, the dial is clean. This makes it easy to read even in low-light conditions.

Also, the watch has an automatic Swiss-made movement that charges based on the movements of the hand and has 100m/330ft water resistance.

Lastly, the watch’s design is made complete by the brown leather strap with a deployment clasp and the push/pull crown.

Also, the back is transparent, making the watch even more interesting.


Stainless Steel, scratch-resistant Sapphire glass, Leather band
12mm case thickness, 42mm diameter case
Case Diameter:
42 mm
Watch Strap:
Leather band (20mm width)


  • Beautiful design with blue dial
  • Great water resistance
  • Automatic three-hand movement
  • Date/Day complication


  • It’s a bit pricey
  • The automatic movement must be maintained

6. Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic Open Heart Blue Dial

  • Solid, stainless-steel build
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
  • Beautiful blue dial with Open Heart view
  • Transparent caseback
Best For Higher Budgets
Hamilton - Jazzmaster Automatic Open Heart Blue Dial

If you’re looking for a unique watch that is both accurate and good quality, the Hamilton Jazzmaster may be the right choice.

The stainless steel build (case and strap) is solid and provides a timeless design that fits both casual and formal outfits. Also, the watch only uses two colors (silver and blue) to create an air of elegance and refinement.

The blue, open heart dial allows viewers a peek inside the mechanism (most precisely, the balance wheel) but doesn’t expose the whole thing. On top of the beautiful blue background sits a three-hand movement with luminous silver-tone dauphine-style hands.

Also, the face is quite clean as there are only four Arabic numerals (for the main moments of the day) – the rest of the markers use spiked silver indices. And, to complete the design, the back is transparent.

Fitted with a Swiss-made automatic movement, the Jazzmaster doesn’t need a battery; just kinetic energy.

Lastly, the watch feels good on your wrist, and the deployment clasp ensures a secure fit.


Stainless steel, scratch-resistant sapphire
42mm case diameter, 20mm band width, 12mm case thickness
Case Diameter:
42 mm
Watch Strap:
Linked stainless steel


  • Automatic, Swiss-made movement
  • Elegant design with linked stainless steel bracelet
  • Clean face with luminous hands
  • Easy to wear for long periods of time


  • A bit pricey

Blue Faced Men’s Watch Buying Guide

Design & Quality

Specialists agree that a stylish timepiece must always bring the highest quality and the most impressive design to the table. 

But what does all this mean for the user?

From a design perspective, the timepiece needs to be simple and elegant, with clever use of textures and colors. 

For instance, men’s blue dial watches usually have a honey-colored or warm brown leather strap. Also, the transition is ensured by a stainless steel case. As a result, the blue of the dial stands out creating a beautiful contrast and blend. 

When it comes to texture, it’s best to keep things simple and solid. As such, producers like brushed stainless steel with solid scratch-resistant sapphire glass and soft leather. 

These textures work great with both formal and casual outfits, increasing the overall value of the watch. 


Most of the products we reviewed are blue face watches with leather bands because these are the easiest to accessorize to both work and casual scenarios. In addition, leather is a soft material that looks and feels good.

However, watchmakers use a range of different materials for the band, in order to keep it durable and highlight the watch’s design. 

For instance, you will also find royal blue watches with stainless steel bands (usually linked) and clasp closures (for a more secure fit). These timepieces may feel a bit heavier at first, but they are also more durable. 

Another option is a band made of silicone, but this only works for casual designs. This type of strap fits nicely on a blue dial dive watch or a sports watch.


There is something incredibly beautiful about the combination between a blue background and an analog dial! 

The background sets the ground for the perpetual movement of the hands and easily drives the attention to any other complications (such as chronographs, date/day windows, calendars, and more). 

In addition, an analog dial is the best option when you want to impress viewers and show you are a sophisticated person with good taste. 

Not to mention that analog dials will always be the first option of accessory for formal apparel. 

Besides beauty, the dial is also the central element of the watch so producers must put extra thought into its organization. 

As such, even though they are only 40+mm in diameter (for most men’s watches), there can be a huge difference in style between brands. 

Some designers will add extra features with complications and large hands while others will stick to a minimalist approach and let the blue face mesmerize us.

As you can see, all the watches we reviewed have an analog dial with two or three hands movements. However, they are all different in style and element positioning. In short, the dial is the element that plays a huge role in differentiating brands and models. 


Most classic designs follow the tried and tested recipe of the silver watch with a blue face. This means a leather strap, stainless steel case, and an analog dial. The result is a beautiful design with nice colors and textures. 

However, every now and then, you’ll also find the gold and blue watch combination. To keep it classy, the gold will only be sprinkled in the design, to keep things interesting. 

For instance, watches that allow a peek at the mechanism will have one or several golden elements (usually the balance wheel). This creates a gorgeous visual effect that highlights the overall design of the watch.

Besides the classic materials, producers also tend to use stainless steel for the strap (for increased durability), scratch-resistant sapphire glass, and ceramic bezels. 

All these are high-quality but affordable materials that increase the quality of the watch without hyping the price.

Power Reserve & Battery

The blue-faced men’s watches we reviewed are fitted with either a quartz or a self-winding automatic movement. As such, they use different power systems. 

For instance, a self-winding automatic movement uses kinetic energy developed by the arm’s movement to fill up a power reserve. 

The power reserve is represented by a balance mechanism that winds up a spring that will then power the entire watch. 

As the spring loses tension, the balance mechanism will start working again, as long as the watch is in motion. 

While this means you won’t ever have to worry about changing the battery of winding the watch, automatic movements are not the most accurate. Also, if you don’t wear the watch enough, the mechanism may stop while it’s resting. 

On the other hand, a quartz-powered movement will use a battery to continue working. This means these watches are highly accurate and can keep going even if it’s not on the wrist. However, batteries will lose efficiency in time, which means the battery will have to be replaced after a while. This operation should be performed by a specialist since the watch has to be opened.

Water Resistance

This feature speaks of the mechanism’s resistance when exposed to water and humid environments. 

As such, it is usually low (around 50m/165ft) for watches designed for more formal environments (such as the office or business meetings) and gets better for sports watches and products designed for diving. 

The main difference is in the way the case is built. This way, a watch that has high water resistance will have a tighter, more solid case, with a protected crown that doesn’t allow water to infiltrate. 

Even so, low water resistance doesn’t mean the product won’t withstand humid environments such as the gym or light rain.

Overall, a blue dial watch with standard water resistance (50m) is durable enough to accompany the user on a run or during a workout.


In the world of watches, the brand speaks volumes about the quality and build of the product. Furthermore, since the blue dial is a growing trend, more high-end brands create designs to fit the demand.

As such, it is easy to find blue faced watches from household names like Seiko, Orient, Skagen, Omega, Ulysse Nardin, and even Rolex. 

The result is quite impressive as each brand uses a different shade and composition of blue. Furthermore, we get to admire more color combinations, not just the standard blue and silver!

In summary, due to so many brands creating gorgeous blue dial watches, it’s easy to find a timepiece that’s both affordable and fits a users’ preferences and needs. 

Pricing Range

Since the blue dial is a design option, it doesn’t affect the price of the final product. As such, the final cost will be decided by the brand, the quality of the materials, and the overall style of the timepiece. 

This also means that the pricing range for men’s blue dial watches is all over the map. Depending on your budget and needs, you can find such a timepiece for under $100 or well above $500.

Our Verdict

Blue faced men’s watches add variety and class in a world usually governed by rigid rules. The blue dial brings a bit of nuance to high-class watches and creates a more modern approach that works best with the current world.

In addition, the navy background fits nicely on a wide range of timepieces from diver’s watches to sports models, to high-end products.

The blue dial creates a nice contrast with the other elements in an analog watch and looks stylish in any scenario.

In conclusion, a blue faced timepiece is truly a statement for quality and beautiful design.

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