Digital Watches For Women

Updated June 7, 2023

Elegant and stylish or sporty and multifunctional? What’s your style?

Luckily, there are plenty of amazing models when it comes to digital watches for women, so you don’t have to sacrifice any of your preferences in favor of functionality.

In today’s day and age, it’s rather easy to find sports watches for women that have a slim profile and look really good on your wrist.

In addition, many models come with basic functions used by active people (functions like a stopwatch of a countdown timer).

So, if you want to keep track of your physical activity, you are no longer limited to just bulky, sporty-looking designs.

You can buy a pretty digital watch that looks good on a woman’s wrist and is durable enough to withstand gym workouts or outdoor activities (such as running or hiking).

So, if you are looking for a new digital watch, we reviewed some of the best digital watches for women on the market.

Also, we have a well-detailed buying guide you must read, to learn more about features, materials, and overall pricing range.

See Our Best Women's Digital Watches

1 Pebble - Time Round 14mm Smartwatch
Best For Higher Budgets
Pebble Time Round Digital Women's Smartwatch
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2 Timex Expedition Women's Digital Watch
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3 Armitron - Sport Women's 45-7012 Digital Chronograph Watch
Best Overall
Armitron Sport 45/7012 Women's Digital Watch
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4 EZON - Digital Sport Watch Ultra-Thin Outdoor Running Watch EZON Ultra-Thin Digital Women's Watch
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5 Casio - STR300-1C Sports Watch
Best For Low Budgets
Casio STR300-1C Women's Digital Watch
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6 Moulin - Ladies Digital Jelly Watch Black Moulin Ladies Digital Jelly Watch
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1. Pebble Time Round Digital Women's Smartwatch

  • Simple & elegant design
  • Compatible with Apple & Android devices
  • Includes Pebble Health
  • Splash resistant
Best For Higher Budgets
Pebble - Time Round 14mm Smartwatch

Promoted as “the world’s lightest and thinnest smartwatch,” Pebble Time Digital is a very pretty digital watch that can complement both elegant and casual outfits.

The design is simple and stylish, with two leather band options (black and silver) and a round e-paper display that’s easy to read in strong light.

It also has a gentle backlight, to make it easier to read in shadowy or darker locations.

Due to the low-consumption display (which is always on), the battery lasts for up to two days and it only takes 15 minutes to fully recharge. You can check notifications, emails, texts, calls, and more at a quick glance at the screen, and you can use it as a watch (with the interface you prefer).

It can also be used as a health monitor since the Pebble Health app automatically tracks your physical and sleep activity and arranges the information as graphs and charts.

In addition, users have access to the Pebble app store where they can select the type of apps that works best for their needs.

Overall, this is an elegant smartwatch that looks like a very refined classical design and can be used in almost any social scenario.


Leather Strap, Stainless Steel Case, E-paper Display
0.29”/ 7.5 mm thin case
6.8oz/ 28g
Digital Smartwatch
Case Diameter:
0.55”/ 14 mm
Watch Strap:
Two leather band options (width): 20 mm (black) & 14 mm (silver)
Battery Life:
Up to 2 days


  • Slim profile with durable materials
  • Elegant & lightweight
  • An easy to use smartwatch
  • Decent battery life


  • The screen can get dark indoors or in the shadow
  • The band may get a bit darker with time

2. Timex Expedition Women's Digital Watch

  • Solid & lightweight design
  • Textile strap
  • 100m water-resistance
  • INDIGLO backlight

The Timex Expedition series is designed for outdoor adventurers and people who work in harsh environments.

Its design is solid and the materials used are very resistant to shock and scratches. Also, in this case, the textile strap is comfortable and easy to wash.

The watch resists to up to 100m submersion and has both chronograph and countdown timer functions (100h each).

In addition, users can set three different alarms, with options for repetition (daily, weekday, and weekend).

While it is a bit bulky and can’t be accessorized with elegant outfits, it is a fantastic watch for women who love adventure or work in strenuous environments.


Acrylic case and rubber elements
11 mm case thickness, 18mm band width, 9.5” band length
Case Diameter:
33 mm
Watch Strap:
Textile with metallic buckle
Battery Life:
Up to 10 years


  • Ideal for workouts and physical work
  • 3 options for alarms
  • Built-in countdown timer
  • Quartz-powered movement


  • The design is a bit bulky
  • It takes a bit of trial and error

3. Armitron Sport 45/7012 Women's Digital Watch

  • Designed for sportive activities
  • 100m water-resistance
  • Quartz movement
  • Multiple functions
Best Overall
Armitron - Sport Women's 45-7012 Digital Chronograph Watch

This watch is very pretty for a digital sports watch! In fact, it can go for quite an elegant design since it was built with durable and high-quality materials.

It’s also easy to program and there are lots of features for people who love being physically active.

The interface is straightforward, without any bells and whistles, and the display is big enough to show valuable information like the time (in hours, minutes, and seconds), date, 12h & 24h time, and even a second time zone (if it’s set).

Also, the watch supports alarms and a stopwatch and has a backlight function.

Lastly, this watch is water-resistant (up to 100m) and can be used during physical activities and on outdoor adventures without worrying too much about its integrity.


Acrylic case & bezel, resin strap
11m case thickness, 14mm band width
Case Diameter:
27 mm
Watch Strap:
Resin (available in multiple colors)
Battery Life:
A few years


  • Easy to use interface
  • Durable face and strap
  • Slim & cute design
  • Available in multiple color options


  • No automatic Daylight Savings
  • The battery is a bit difficult to replace

4. EZON Ultra-Thin Digital Women's Watch

  • Ultra-slim profile
  • Digital display with a clean interface
  • Stopwatch & timer functions
  • 30m/100 ft water-resistant

The EZON sports watch is ultra-thin and very comfortable on your wrist. The rubber strap is breathable, durable, and easy to clean.

Also, the plastic case is shock-resistant and protects the inner mechanism from humidity and other elements.

In addition, the dial is big and easy to read, with a built-in EL backlight for dark rooms and areas.

It is also durable and a great fit for active people since it has all the features of a basic sports watch (stopwatch, countdown timer, good water resistance).

Overall, this is quite an elegant sports watch and can be accessorized to casual outfits as well. It is also quite useful on outdoor adventures and for various lines of work that require a timer or a stopwatch.


Stainless steel elements, rubber band, plastic case
0.51-inch case thickness, 0.86 X 9.45-inch strap size
Case Diameter:
1.69 inch/ 4.2cm
Watch Strap:
Rubber, with breathable inserts


  • Sport-ish design with a slim profile
  • Durable & washable strap
  • Multiple useful functions
  • Easy to read dial


  • Takes a bit of time to get used to the instructions
  • Some elements get scratched rather easily

5. Casio STR300-1C Women's Digital Watch

  • Durable build
  • Easy to read display
  • 50m/ 165ft water resistance
  • 10 years of battery life
Best For Low Budgets
Casio - STR300-1C Sports Watch

Designed for runners (and active people in general), this Casio watch is small and feminine while packing a heavy-duty internal mechanism.

The black and pink color combination is cute and the profile is rather slim, even though the case is made from durable plastic and the strap is made from resin.

Overall, the watch is shock and water-resistant and provides useful functions for runners such as pace signal, distance calculation, and stopwatch with 60 lap memory.

It also has an auto LED light and four daily alarms to make sure you remember your main events of each day.

The digital display is clean and easy to read, while the side and top buttons assure all the necessary controls.

Lastly, the strap is comfortable, waterproof, and quite stylish.


Plastic case, resin band, mineral crystal window
12mm case thickness, 6.5 Inches band length
Japanese Quartz
Case Diameter:
35 mm
Watch Strap:
12mm wide resin band with buckle closure
Battery Life:
10 years


  • Designed for active people
  • Good water resistance
  • Resin band with buckle closure
  • Heavy-duty build with a feminine design


  • The interface is a bit different from the Casio standard
  • The band strap keeper is a bit too large

6. Moulin Ladies Digital Jelly Watch

  • Simple & elegant design
  • Durable materials & build
  • Several useful functions
  • Comfortable to wear

Featuring a professional look and an elegant color combination (black and gold) and style, this watch looks good on a woman’s wrist.

It’s also quite useful as it has several functions like time, date, stopwatch (1/100 sec), and alarm/chime (only one).

The watch is powered by a quartz movement and has four side buttons that provide control over the main functions.

It also has a backlight, to allow easy display reading (even in darker areas).

Overall, it’s easy to control it and access all the functions, after you get used to it.

Lastly, it is easy to wear for long periods of time due to the adjustable silicone jelly strap (that’s soft) and the case that’s a bit heavier than usual.


Silicone jelly band, stainless steel back case, glass dial
38mm case diameter, 16mm bandwidth, and 9.0” band length
Case Diameter:
38 mm
Watch Strap:
Silicon band, 16mm wide


  • Looks professional
  • Black and gold color combination
  • Digital display
  • Easy to understand interface


  • The numbers are a bit dark
  • The gold rim fades a bit after a while

Women's Digital Watch Buying Guide


Each person has their own style and preferences, but women in general favor designs that look and feel a bit more feminine.

This usually means smoother curves, slimmer profiles, and overall a beautiful combination of colors and design elements.

For instance, most stylish digital watches keep things simple and use high-quality materials to suggest impressive build and durability.

In addition, even watches designed for active people are now designed to look more stylish and fit business-casual outfits.

If you browse our reviews, you’ll notice that all designs are slim and pretty, with a note of elegance and finesse.

Besides their looks, these models are also durable and have multiple functions.

This means that you can be picky with the design since modern digital watches can have all sorts of basic functionalities and can be durable despite looking feminine.

There are also men’s digital watches that you can take a look at.


Most available models can be divided between dress and sports watches for women, but most support the same functions (date, time, and additional functions).

The main difference stands in the fact that a women’s digital dress watch is more elegant and focused on design, while a ladies sportswatch is mostly built around durability and usability.

Overall, it is best to choose a watch that fits your lifestyle, but you can also have all the functionalities in one elegant design made from durable materials.


Most elegant digital watches will feature a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet adorned with various decorative elements.

On the other side, a sports watch needs to be lightweight and resistant to shocks and water, which is why most models have silicone or resin bands with buckle closure (for an extra secure fit) and hard plastic cases with stainless steel back.

Still, just because a watch features a plastic case with a silicone band, doesn’t mean it will be bulky and unappealing.

In fact, if you take a look at our reviews, you’ll notice that some of the sport watch models are quite feminine and can easily pass for an elegant design.


While the implicit function of a watch is to tell the time, modern designs have other useful features that may come in handy (especially if you are an active person).

As such, you may want to consider additional features such as dual time (ideal for travelers), date information, stopwatch, or countdown timer.

Also, it helps to get a women’s watch with alarm, for morning wakeups and various reminders during the date.

It also helps to get a model that has a display with a background light (usually activated via a side button), to ensure visibility in low-lit areas or in dark rooms.


Most watches designed for women feature a smaller case and a thinner band (compared to men’s watches).

First of all, women, in general, have more slender wrists, and second, these models try to be more appealing to the feminine segment of the audience.

As such, a small ladies digital watch may not be able to convey much information at once on the display. (in order to avoid crowding)

Still, they do offer the option to select between several different modes, in order to keep the display clear and readable.

As you can see from our reviews, the size of the case, its thickness, and the width of the band vary from one model to another.

Still, to keep the designs appealing to women, all producers did their best to keep everything as smooth and thin as possible.

Pricing Range

The price varies (like with any range of products with this much diversity), but you can see a clear distinction between sports watches and dress ones.

In general, sports watches are low-cost (since they don’t use expensive materials and make full use of quartz movements).

As you can see from our reviews, some of the most interesting models are available for under $50.

On the other hand, dress watches are a bit more expensive, especially if they have smart features (like connectivity via BT and notifications).

These watches can go over the $100 threshold, so it’s important to make sure your budget allows it.

Overall, they look more refined than a sports watch and have a bit more features that may come in handy in time.

Our Verdict

Each person has their own style and taste in accessories, which is why it’s a good thing there are so many digital watches for women available on the market.

Still, searching for the best model for your needs can be a time-consuming and mind-bending task.

So, to avoid wasting your precious time, make sure to check our reviews and read our buying guide. We only reviewed the best designs of the moment, so it’s extremely likely to find something you’ll like on our list!

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