Best Blood Pressure Watch Reviews

Updated May 16, 2023

Blood pressure should stay within the range recommended for your age. If it is nearing or over 140/90mmHg, or if it goes lower than 90/60mmHg — you are at risk for a stroke, cardiac arrest, dementia, or other severe outcomes!

This is why constant monitoring is essential, especially nowadays.

From work to leisure, we have gotten used to a sedentary lifestyle, with little to no exercise.

Now you can monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and track activities such as steps, calories, and sleep cycles using a blood pressure monitor watch.

However, there are plenty of options for watches that monitor blood pressure, and not all are created equal.

Some are poorly-made copies that are far from accurate, whereas others provide precise readings.

To help in your quest to find the best fitness tracker with a blood pressure monitor, we did some digging and landed with a few compelling options. These are feature-rich, accurate, and not that pricey.

Read on to know more.

See Our Best Blood Pressure Watches

1 HalfSun - Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure Monitor
Best Overall
HalfSun Fitness Tracker & Blood Pressure Watch
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2 DoSmarter - Fitness Watch & Blood Pressure Tracker
Best For Higher Budgets
DoSmarter Fitness Watch & Blood Pressure Tracker
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3 Kirlor - Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Watch Kirlor Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Watch
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4 Bluemelody - Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure Monitor Blumelody Fitness Tracker & Blood Pressure Monitor
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1. HalfSun Fitness Tracker & Blood Pressure Watch

  • 1.3 inch IPS HD full color-screen
  • Features blood pressure monitor, heart rate tracker, and activity tracker
  • Comes with a sleep monitor, calorie counter, pedometer, etc.
  • Dedicated App
Best Overall
HalfSun - Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure Monitor

Are you looking for a quality fitness tracker with blood pressure monitoring capabilities? Look no further than this exceptional model by HalfSun.

It ranks right on top along with the other best blood pressure wrist watch options and retails at very affordable rates.

This blood pressure wristwatch by HalfSun is made from a skin-friendly material so you can have it on for hours at a stretch without any issues. Plus, it feels quite comfortable.

It comes with a 1.3-inch color touch screen that is adequately bright, which results in great low-light performance.

Furthermore, apart from accurate BP and heart rate readings, you get stats on daily activities such as distance, steps, calories burned, and sleep quality.

Plus, you get phone call reminders as well as notifications. And it also features a sedentary reminder so that you can avoid prolonged sitting.

Other than that, this HalfSun watch has an IP67 rating, so you can wear it while swimming, bathing, and when it rains; however, take it off when scuba diving!

The best part is that you get three to five days of run time on one full charge!


Silicone, Plastic
1.0 x 1.0 x 1.0 inches 1.3-inch color screen
Watch Strap:
9.10-inch length * 0.79-inch width adjustable band
Battery Life:
Three to five days on one full charge


  • Automatic blood pressure monitoring
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Lightweight and feels comfortable on the wrist
  • Good quality IPS screen


  • A few users felt that it would have been even better if the watch had its GPS instead of relying on the
  • Some users face a little difficulty using the clip-style charger the comes with the watch

2. DoSmarter Fitness Watch & Blood Pressure Tracker

  • Heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep monitoring
  • Around the clock activity tracker
  • SMS and call reminder
  • Highlight 4
Best For Higher Budgets
DoSmarter - Fitness Watch & Blood Pressure Tracker

Blood pressure bands by DoSmarter come highly recommended by instructors, doctors, and others. And this DoSmarter fitness watch and BP tracker is as good, maybe better than the rest.

This is a unisex variant that fits any wrists, thanks to an adjustable strap. It comes with a 24/7 heart rate monitor, exercise tracker, and BP monitor.

Moreover, all readings are made available on the bright and vibrant 1.3-inch display or your smartphone.

Plus, it continues to monitor you when asleep, so you get an idea of any irregularities that may pop up.

Its tracking abilities are also very impressive; it tells you about your steps taken, active minutes, calories burned, and sedentary behavior!

Plus, there are ten sports modes and female health reminders, which comes in handy for parents looking to conceive.

Also, this DoSmarter watch with blood pressure monitor has alarms, messaging, email, caller ID, and functions as a remote for your phone’s camera.

You can get five to seven days of backup on a single charge, which is more than reasonable. And the device is rated to be waterproof, so you can use it while swimming, showering, or if you’re walking through a surprise rain shower.


1.87'' in diameter and 0.5'' thick 1.3-inch touchscreen
Case Diameter:
9.8-inches length
Battery Life:
24 to36 hours with two hours of charge


  • 24-hour blood pressure monitoring
  • Easy to read display
  • It comes with a directional, magnetic cable
  • It sits nice and tight and is quite comfortable to wear


  • Some users complained that the dedicated app requires many permissions
  • Some suggested that more dial faces should be introduced

3. Kirlor Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Watch

  • 0.96-inch color display
  • Accurate heart rate and blood pressure monitor
  • Can be charged by PC and mobile devices
  • Precise activity tracker

Kirlor’s blood pressure monitor watch comes with numerous features and is a reliable timepiece to get. Unlike other options, this one also comes with a GPS for mapping paths.

Additionally, the HR and BP monitor works all day and provides real-time readings on its 0.96-inch display or your phone.

This watch is compatible with a range of devices that are running on iOS 8.0 and above and Android 4.4 and above. So, even if you own an old phone, it will instantly connect to it via Bluetooth.

Furthermore, its strap is made using waterproof material and can be replaced if needed. Plus, it is so slick and comfortable that you won’t feel much weight on your wrist when worn.

It has a pedometer that provides accurate step counts and calories burned. And you also get to monitor your sleep patterns to know if any improvements are required.

Furthermore, it has Sedentary and Physiological Cycle reminders as well as SMS and call alerts, alarm clock, camera remote, stopwatch, find phone facility, and more!

The best part is that you can also charge it via your PC or power bank – one full charge – gives ten days of standby and up to a weeks’ worth of operating time.


Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU)
130 mm x 88 mm x 32 mm 0.96-inch color display
Watch Strap:
7.5- inch length and a 0.6-inch width
Battery Life:
Five to seven days


  • Wide compatibility
  • The band is easy to replace
  • Camera remote control
  • Up to seven days operational on one full charge


  • Come used faced difficulty in removing the strap
  • Some users were not suggested that it would be better if recorded data could be transferred to a spreadsheet via the app

4. Blumelody Fitness Tracker & Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Features a thermometer
  • Accurate heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen monitor
  • It comes with a sleep monitor
  • Calorie counter, pedometer, and step counter

Bluemelody has made many watches that monitor blood pressure; we recommend you to check out the fitness tracker. Unlike the many options out there, this one also has a built-in thermometer!

This one features a one-touch operation, so getting used to it is quite straightforward. It also keeps you updated with your blood oxygen levels, BP, heart rate, temperature, and daily activities.

Moreover, like all other watches in this category, it will track your sleep and help you detect abnormalities in your sleep patterns.

The smartwatch also has a vibration feature; you can choose between silent or ringing alarms. It also displays call alerts and other notifications on your phone, along with caller IDs and partial messages.

Additionally, charging is a cable-free endeavor, and from 1.5 hours of charging, the watch can seamlessly operate for at least five days!

Lastly, this Bluemelody fitness tracker with blood pressure has an IP67 rating, so you can use it while bathing, swimming, and in the rain.


Stretches up to 9 inches 0.96-inch display
3.2 ounces
Watch Strap:
13cm-24cm adjustable band
Battery Life:
Up to five days on 1.5 hours of charge


  • IP67 Waterproof rating
  • Flexible strap allows it to fit many sizes
  • A variety of unique sensors like temperature monitor
  • Up to 5 days battery on one full charge


  • Some users felt that the band had a feminine touch to it
  • Some users felt that the brand is relatively new; however, it provides more features than most competitors

Blood Pressure Watch Buying Guide

SmartWatch Technology

The popular reading method for blood pressure is coined as the oscillatory, aka cuff method. A cuff is placed right above the forearm and then is inflated till enough pressure is put on to the arteries to halt blood flow.

Accuracy is best when the upper arm is used, whereas a blood pressure smartwatch pick-up readings from the wrist, which is why many people question its accuracy.

However, with technological breakthroughs, some of the best blood pressure wrist watch options on the market are as accurate as conventional readers.

Here are the different types available right now.

Types Of Blood Pressure Monitor Watch Options

Self-inflating strap and dynamic touch screen are common in most blood pressure wristwatches.

Other than that, they are categorized into the following types:

The Basic Variant 

These watches do exactly what they are meant for, i.e., record blood pressure. Comparatively, they come attached with an affordable price tag, and they need to be operated by hand.

Consider aspects such as battery life, precision, and comfort. Since you are getting just the blood pressure feature, ensure that it comes at a slightly lower price than feature-rich, smart wristwatches.

The Standard Variant

This smartwatch with blood pressure reading capabilities is as accurate as manual devices and typically comes with a dedicated app for Android and iOS.

It connects to the application via Bluetooth and then monitors and records blood pressure in real-time.

Sports Fitness Watch

If you choose any one of the best fitness trackers with a blood pressure monitor from our list, you get a holistic health monitoring solution.

It can track your speed via an onboard accelerometer, movement via a GPS, and some can also count calories. Apart from that, they can also monitor you while you sleep and pick on any odd behaviors.

Additional Features

Thanks to blood pressure bands, you are no longer dependent on clinics to get readings.

But why just stop at blood pressure when watches can do much more.

Our smarter than ever timepieces can now come with menstrual cycle monitoring, exercise, fitness tracking, and sleep quality tracking.

Other than that, it also comes with a variety of aesthetically pleasing dials (both analog and digital), stopwatch, alarm, phone notification management, and a lot more!

But a quality purchase would be buying a blood pressure monitor watch that has the following features:

Heart Rate

Smartwatches can monitor your heart rate in real-time. So, when you exercise, it will keep you notified on fitness exertion levels.

This comes in handy when the accelerometer or GPS isn’t enough to monitor exertion while using the treadmill, rollerblading, swimming, or other physically demanding exercises.

All in all, this feature comes in handy for managing stress levels, bettering your performance as an athlete, and to ensure that your heart is healthy.

Also, accuracy depends on how well the watch fits and how good the sensor is!

Sleep Tracking

If your smartwatch comes with a sleep monitor, it can help you improve how you sleep.

Based on your heart rate, hand movement, sleep cycles, and blood oxygen level – it reports back – if you are sleeping in the right manner or if improvements are needed.

Plus, you can also know if you face sleep apnea issues, so you can get treated for it.

Activity Tracker

Try to ensure that you buy a fitness tracker with blood pressure monitoring, and not just a basic BP monitor that doesn’t do anything else.

These watches track a variety of activities and sync with your handheld device. All readings are recorded, and a progress chart is created.

These readings are typically based on sensors like accelerometer, GPS, heart rate monitor, BP monitor, and pedometer.

A watch that has these features is a watch for crossfit.

Syncing With Your Smartphone

With health consciousness and convenience becoming major consumer concerns, an ideal watch should connect to your cellular phone to record all readings.

You will know the average rates you are used to, and if you see any spikes or dips, you can share the data with your doctor.

Typically, most blood pressure monitor watch options easily connect to Android and iOS devices; but some are only compatible with one and not the other.

Therefore, you should either go with a watch that has apps for both platforms, or at least for the OS that you use.

The watch should also have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities for easy data transfers.

Pricing Range

The price of the watch is proportionate to the number of features it has and the brand name.

The more features there are, and the better the brand — the higher it will retail at.

Remember, while narrowing down to a better price point, make sure that no quality sacrifices are made, and the selected watch is known to be accurate.

With that said, you can easily get a decent digitally-driven timepiece within $25 to $100 plus.

Our Verdict

With health concerns on the rise, you can benefit by purchasing a fitness tracker with a blood pressure monitor, so all abnormalities can be flagged before it’s too late.

After careful consideration and many tests and trials, we narrowed it down to the best blood pressure wrist watch options on the market.

We stand by all our picks, but the best overall is the HalfSun Fitness Tracker & Blood Pressure Watch.

If you want to spend a bit less, go for the blood pressure watch by FITFORT.

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