Best Akribos Watch Reviews

Updated May 6, 2022

Despite all of the modern time-telling technology we have at our disposal, there is nothing quite like the swing of the wrist, and seeing those hands elegantly tick around a well-designed clock face.

Established in 2015, Akribos has been causing a stir in the watch market in recent times. With their Swiss design and Asian manufacturing, Akribos has created a watch that is of both high quality and competitive affordability.

Whether you seek style, practicality, or a mixture of both from your watch, it’s often hard to single your choice down to just one.

That’s where we come in.

Below, you’ll find an in-depth guide to some of the best Akribos watches in the collection, breaking down each model’s pros and cons and detailing their aesthetic differences.

Each Akribos XXIV watch review is based on official horological data, and reviews by those who have bought the watch, guaranteeing transparency and helping you make the right purchase for your wrist. Read more about our all-watch review and buying guide.

Best Akribos Watches

1 Akribos - XXIV Akribos XXIV AK493 Men's Watch
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Best For Higher Budgets
2Akribos XXIV AK1040 Men's Watch
Akribos XXIV - AK1040 Diamond Accented Multifunction
Best For Higher Budgets
Akribos XXIV AK1040 Men's Watch
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Best For Low Budgets
3Akribos XXIV AK813 Men's Watch
Akribos XXIV - AK813 Swiss Chronograph
Best For Low Budgets
Akribos XXIV AK813 Men's Watch
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4 Akribos XXIV - AK906 Women's Mother-of-Pearl Akribos XXIV AK906 Women's Watch
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5 Akribos XXIV - AK877 Women's White Mother of Pearl
Best Overall
Akribos XXIV AK877 Women's Watch
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1. Akribos XXIV AK493 Men's Watch


This Akribos watch is powered with a mechanical tourbillon, an engineering addition that increases accuracy. Its round face has 405 SI3 diamonds around the case.

The dial has Roman numerals, a skeleton window showing the inner workings, a dual-time subdial and a sun or moon to indicate AM or PM at the 3 o’clock position. It doesn’t follow the 29.5-day full lunar cycle, but instead uses a representation to show whether it’s day or night. That makes it a moonphase design watch and not a moonphase watch.

The gold case is accented with an off-white watch face and a genuine alligator leather band with a buckle closure.

A self-winding mechanical movement utilizes your natural movements to keep the watch running as long as you’re wearing it.


Stainless Steel Case and Leather Band
1.65 inches in diameter X .55 inches thick
12.35 ounces


  • Mechanical tourbillon makes this a very accurate watch.
  • Self-winding mechanism keeps it running as long as you’re wearing it.
  • Stylish looking watch perfect for dressy occasions or the office.


  • It doesn’t display the 29.5-day full lunar cycle.
  • The watch simply uses a representation of a sun and a moon to show AM and PM.

2. Akribos XXIV AK1040 Men's Watch

  • Beaded bezel case.
  • Mother of pearl sub-dials.
  • Japanese quartz movements.
  • Diamond crystals accents.
Best For Higher Budgets
Akribos XXIV - AK1040 Diamond Accented Multifunction

The Akribos XXIV AK1040 is the perfect watch for those who want to combine high-end, luxurious style with affordability and efficiency.

The stainless steel strap and face give this stylish watch a strength and durability that, juxtaposed with the elegance and style of its beaded bezel gives wearers the best of both worlds. And, those sparkles you see on the bezel? They’re genuine diamond accents.

The stamped, black beaded dial also features hand-applied Roman numeral markers and mother-of-pearl sub-dials, adding an extra touch of class to your day.

Not only does this sought-after piece ooze style and class, but it also has a shockingly affordable price tag that hardly reflects its diamond crystal accents and mother of pearl touches.

Its durability at water depths and easily accessible deployment clasp also make this piece a watch not only for evening wear but also for more casual or adventurous occasions.


Stainless Steel
Diameter: 40mm Thickness: 12mm
Battery Life:
1 Lithium-ion lasting for 2-3 years


  • Quality aesthetics.
  • Displays time, day, and month.
  • Water Resistant to 99ft.
  • Deployment clasp for easy use.


  • Made of just one metal.
  • The busy watch face can make glancing at the time difficult.

3. Akribos XXIV AK813 Men's Watch

  • Luminous hands.
  • Displays days and months. 
  • Complete with a chronograph.
  • Sunburst effect on the dial.
Best For Low Budgets
Akribos XXIV - AK813 Swiss Chronograph

The Akribos XXIV AK813 is a fantastic watch for those who want to wear a stylish sporty watch with a subtle and nuanced style. It captures the fine historic watchmaking qualities of Swiss Quartz movements, all whilst looking the part. This is definitely a watch for the modern man.

Featuring luminous hands on the dial and water resistant up to 30ft, this watch has a sporty edge while retaining the style of a high-class fashion accessory.

Its lower price range makes it the perfect pick for those working with a lower budget. Though it’s affordable price does nothing to take away from its obvious fine craftsmanship and design.

The subtle design makes this watch ideal for wearing during any occasion, whether that be formal or informal.

The classic masculine feel of the Akribos XXIV AK813 appeals to any man and would make a great gift for any age. With a dangerous combination of a well-crafted and designed piece with an affordable price tag, this piece in the Akribos collection is perfect for those wishing to dip their toe into one of the newest brands to hit the time-telling market.


Stainless Steel and Acrylic Crystal
Diameter: 45 mm Thickness: 13mm
Battery Life:
1 Lithium ion battery lasting for 2-3 years


  • Watch hands glow in the dark.
  • Water resistant to 30ft.
  • Equipped with a 30 minute counter.
  • Complete with a built-in stopwatch.


  • Absence of any overt bling.
  • Monotone finish lacks uniqueness.

4. Akribos XXIV AK906 Women's Watch

  • Mother of pearl mosaic face.
  • Genuine leather strap.
  • Larger than usual face.
  • Adorned with sapphire coated crystal.

The Akribos XXIV AK906 is a beautiful combination of a delicate leather strap and an elegant mother of pearl watch face with the mosaic dial adding another element of style and attractiveness.

This elegant and stylish women’s watch is the perfect addition to any outfit, and will compliment any outfit that includes jewelry of gold or silver. Boasting a large watch face that is surrounded by your choice of a gold or silver bezel, you can even customise the watch depending on your own personal taste.

The numberless and mozaic watch face is the most unique and defining feature of the Akribos XXIV AK906, creating a glittering and stylish watch that is both a useful tool and an affordable fashion accessory.

Incredibly, the price tag of this glamorous number proves that you don’t need to break the bank to afford a fashionable and well made women’s watch, even one so elegantly adorned with sapphire coated crystals.


Stainless Steel and Leather
Diameter: 37mm Thickness: 8mm
Battery Life:
1 Lithium-ion battery, lasting for 2-3 years


  • Changeable leather strap.
  • Splash resistant.
  • Gold and sIlver bezel give the impression of jewelry.
  • Artistic dials and pumpkin style crowns.


  • Lack of numbers or numerals make accurate time reading difficult.
  • Leather strap is prone to scuffs and abrasions.

5. Akribos XXIV AK877 Women's Watch

  • 12 genuine diamond markers.
  • Precision quartz provides the most accurate time.
  • Gold or silver tone straps.
  • Water resistant.
Best Overall
Akribos XXIV - AK877 Women's White Mother of Pearl

The quality of materials and design of the Akribos XXIV AK877 allows it to both look and act the part for the fashion-conscious woman.

From its gleaming mother of pearl watch face, embossed with twelve diamond crystals and a polished rounded bezel, to its stainless steel strap and Japanese quartz precision dial, this watch screams luxury.

This elegantly designed woman’s has been created with everyday luxury in mind. There is nothing overly flashy about the design, making it perfect for work, sport or even evening wear.

The subtlety of the 12 diamonds give the Akribos XXIV AK877 a sense of class and refinement rarely seen in such an understated watch design.

With all of these intricate details, you might be fooled into thinking that this piece will break the bank. You’d be wrong. The price tag of this well-crafted and stylish piece is unbelievably unreflective of the high quality you get with this model.

With this particular model, Akribos do what they do best and create a flawless and fashionable design without the hefty price tag to match.


Stainless Steel
Diameter: 30mm Thickness: 10mm
Battery Life:
1 Lithium ion battery lasting for 2-3 years


  • Push button deployment clasp for ease.
  • Lightweight, yet durable.
  • Variations in tone choices.
  • Decorated with diamond crystals.


  • Smaller watch face than other designs.

Akribos Watch Buying Guide

Akribos Reputation

Akribos’ reputation has grown over the past few years, from a mid-21st century ‘new kid on the block’, to high flyer in the world of accessible and affordable, well made watches. The brand is believed to have been trading since 2015, which makes it a relatively new company and maker of watches. 

Its reputation among expert watchmakers varies, but it is generally seen as a fashion watch rather than a big competitor among top watchmakers like Rolex. 

If you seek good looking, affordable fashionable watches, the Akribos range of watches is the place to go. 

Competing with the well-designed and crafted watches that you can get with Swatch and Seiko for a similar price, we must keep in mind that Akribos is a relatively young brand. 

This being said, as a fashionable item and fine looking watch to complete an outfit, Akribos fits the bill. As the trade of Akribos’ watches increases over the next few years, so will their reputation as a competitor in this area of the watch market.       

Design & Movement

Integral to the Akribos watches is the blend of Swiss design and East Asian manufacturing. Using the age-old Swiss mechanisms that have made Swiss watchmaking famous the world over, Akribos has secured the best movements for the inside of their watches.

By taking Swiss movements and transferring the manufacturing of the watches into the Asian manufacturing sector, Akribos are able to deliver the consumer Swiss design with reasonable and cost effective prices. 

The use of Japanese quartz as well as Swiss quartz in the movements also shows the new developments Akribos are striving to make in the world of watchmaking.    


The material used by Akribos in its watches are similar to the design themes used by top luxury watch makers. 

The use of diamond crystals, precious metals, mother of pearl, and many other materials are all seen throughout the Akribos range. 

The main medium used throughout the range is stainless steel, a durable and stylish material that is also cost effective, making an Akirbos watch both affordable as well as one that will be with you for many years to come.

Along with common precious metals such as gold and silver, Akribos use of diamond crystals and mother of pearl is also commonly seen throughout the Akribos watch range. 

This added touch of style gives the watches a luxurious feel, yet will not have you breaking the bank to buy one.    

Male or Female Watches

Setting it apart from many of the luxury watch brands, Akribos has a wide selection of both male and female watches. Each one of these designs hones into the successful nature of both a woman’s and a man’s look. The variation in the watches available can also appeal to buyers who wish to wear more masucline looking watches or visa versa. 

The wide variety on offer is something Akribos has done exceedingly well and is the cornerstone of their success so far. The variation in both male and female watches has pushed Akribos into the gift giving market, where their gift boxed and wrapped watches flourish.   

Pricing Range

Akribos watches are considered on the lower side of pricing when it comes to luxury watch brands. The range within the brand itself also fluctuates greatly, from especially affordable designs to the higher priced ones. 

The variety in pricing largely depends on the final finishes of materials used in the watches themselves. Akribos watches that use high amounts of diamonds and precious metals such gold and silver will be priced considerably higher than those that only feature stainless steel. 

There is such a range in pricing with the Akribos brand, that customers will not fail to find a watch that is both in their price range and also suits them aesthetically. 

Shoppers will also find a difference in pricing depending on where they purchase the watch. Whether this be from Akribos itself or a third party seller, the variation in price should not be too great.


Akribos XXIV AK877 Women’s Watch

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are Akribos watches so cheap?

The answer to this question comes down to two parts. First of all the general manufacturing of Akribos watches takes place in the Far East, Hong Kong to be specific.

In doing this, Akribos are able to use well made Swiss movements inside watches that cost less to make in the Asian market. Secondly, materials used for the actual outer watch itself are also often sourced from Japan, China and Hong Kong.

Although the use of such sourced materials is often seen as a lower quality, the Swiss movement and design assures the buyer of the watches quality. In short, Akribos pass the savings made at the manufacturing level onto the customer.

Our Verdict

Akribos watches channels into an area of the market that is high in demand from customers, and they do it well.

Creating beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing watches they are seeking to compete with the lower
end of the watch buyers market. Admittedly, they are never going to compete with bigger names such as Rolex and Patek Philippe, yet they do not wish to do so.

Since its inception, Akribos has secured its place in the affordable luxury watch market and it does it well.

Akribos watches also shine when it comes to the fashion side of things, by using desired materials such as stainless steel, gold, silver, and mother of pearl, they create watches that complete outfits and offer more than just the time to wearers.

As Akribos continues to grow as a company and awareness of their product broadens, it is easy to see that they will continue to shine in their corner of the affordable luxury watch market. Hopefully, these Akribos XXIV watch reviews will help you to find your perfect match with this up-and-coming brand.

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