Timex Easy Reader Review

Updated October 27, 2020

Timex is known for making quality watches at a reasonable price.

The Timex Easy Reader watch collection is no exception. The difference with the Easy Reader is that it has a classic design that’s been around for over 40 years. This is a basic yet iconic watch that’s just as it is described – easy to read, including the revolutionary Indiglo backlight for low light conditions.

This is the watch that’s ideal for your grandpa and grandma, if they have trouble reading a watch. But it’s actually for anyone who wants a classic look in a quality watch that provides basic features: time (hour, minute and second hands) and a date window.

With choices in different sizes for men and women, the 35mm watch is the most popular. There are also different band styles, meaning you can get an easy reader watch that’s perfect for you. The Easy Reader looks as great as it tells time.

So let’s look at the Timex Easy Reader watch in detail.


The Timex Easy Reader is as billed, featuring easy-to-read numbers on a bright, round watch face. There are variations in color, with the classic look being a white watch face and black numbers. 

The large Arabic (1-12 numbers) tell time with hour, minute and second hands, and there’s a date window at 3 o’clock. 

There are options for a black watch face or dial with white numbers, and there is a women’s style with gold numbers on a white watch face. 

The Easy Reader watch is also relatively durable, with an all-metal brass case and a mineral glass lens. However, the water resistance is only to 100 feet, or 30 meters, meaning it’s fine for brief dunks into water or splashes while wearing, but it can’t be used when bathing or swimming.

It’s slim design also makes it nice to wear with dress shirts and suits, as it’s just 8 mm (0.31 of an inch) thick.

It also carries the Timex name, symbolic of a quality, reasonably priced watch. And it has the revolutionary Indiglo back-light, a popular technology on watches that changed how the world told time in the dark. The beauty of the Indiglo feature is that you simply press the button or crown to activate the light, which has electroluminescent technology to illuminate the entire watch face at night and in low light conditions.

The minimalist design is what makes the Easy Reader an iconic, classic timepiece. 

Timex Band

The Timex Easy Reader watches have bands in a variety of styles. The 35 mm watch (1.38 inches) typically comes with an 18 mm leather watch band (0.71 of an inch). There are different colors, including black, navy, and several different shades of brown.

There are options for wider watch bands, and there are also the narrower options on the smaller watch designs, typically worn by women.

The women’s designs also feature more colors in the leather band style, including pink, red and beige along with black and various shades of brown.

And then there’s the classic Timex expansion band, which is favored by those who like to put their watch on and take it off easily. While not exclusive to Timex, it is popular on the Easy Reader watch among some users. Your grandma and grandpa may like it because it’s been around for a long time, and they’re probably used to it.

The expansion band serves almost like an elastic. With no clasp or buckle, it’s the ideal grab and go watch, as you simply stretch it, slide it on and go. It’s also easy to adjust with fitted end links so you can set it to what’s comfortable for you. It’s also available in silver, or silver and gold tones. 

That doesn’t mean the expansion bracelet is for everyone. Some wearers with hairy wrists may not appreciate the feel of the metal links pinching their skin and hair.  

Here’s a look at the technical specifications of one of the most popular, the Timex Men’s Easy Reader Date Leather Strap Watch.


All-metal brass case
1.38 inches in diameter X 0.31 of an inch thick
Case Diameter:
1.38 inches
Watch Strap:
Battery Life:
Up to 10 years

Pros & Cons


  • Full Arabic numerals
  • White easy-to-read dial
  • Date window at 3 o'clock
  • Indiglo light-up watch dial


  • Water resistant to only 100 feet (30 meters), meaning it’s good for splashes but not suitable for swimming or bathing
  • Basic functionality of only the time and date


The Timex Easy Reader features a quartz movement, so you should be able to set it and forget it, unless you need to change it for Daylight Savings Time. The battery life is an estimated 10 years.

Grandma and grandpa – and you – will appreciate how easy it is to set the watch, too.  You simply pull the crown all the way out to set the time, and pull it to the middle position to set the date.


Timex has a decent warranty to cover its watches, including the Timex Easy Reader watch.  

It provides a one year international warranty against manufacturing defects, counted from the time of the original purchase date. There are some conditions however, in that warranty service is only honored on watches purchased directly from authorized retailers. Repairs done during the warranty period are at no charge, but there may be a handling fee.

You’ll also need a receipt as proof of your purchase that includes the date, item purchased, and the retailer. If you don’t have proof of purchase, the repair will be considered out of warranty and you’ll have to pay.

Warranty also doesn’t cover defects after the one-year period, or damages done from accidents, tampering, or repair services done by someone other than Timex. It also won’t cover a broken strap or a dead battery.

Customer Reviews

In general, the Timex Easy Reader watch gets good customer reviews. Those who buy it are looking for a quality watch at a reasonable price, and this watch delivers. Customers are happy as long as they are looking for a basic watch.

In particular, the Indiglo feature is a popular one with wearers. It makes the Easy Reader watch simple to read in any kind of lighting. The long battery life is also appreciated,

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a watch that tells time accurately, and is easy to read, this is your watch. You’ll get that and nothing more. The Timex Easy Reader watch is perfect in both casual and professional settings, the Indiglo makes it easy to see in any light condition, and it is durable enough for most users.

It’s also easy to set, both the time and date, and it features a long battery life. With a choice of sizes, a few different options for colors of the watch face and numbers, and a variety of straps, there’s a Timex Easy Reader watch for everyone.