Invicta Pro Diver Review

Updated October 18, 2020

Diving and watersports enthusiasts have particular needs in a timepiece, the most obvious one being excellent water resistance.

Since many watches that are designed and constructed for extreme watersports also tend to be “sporty” looking, there are those who want a dressier looking watch that also meets their needs in the water.

The Invicta Pro Diver Watch can meet all those needs. While the Pro Diver line features a lot of different styles, there are many choices in the collection that will take you from a black tie event to a deep-sea diving expedition.

There are choices among the case color, band color and style, watch face color and more. You can choose an analog style with or without chronographs.

Let’s take a look at the Invicta Pro Diver watch, so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

Design & Color

The Invicta Watch Group was founded in the 1800s in Switzerland, but was acquired by an American company in 1991.

Invicta has many different lines of timepieces, and also collaborates with celebrities and organizations like the U.S. Army and the NFL to make signature watch lines.

The Pro Diver is one of those collections, with a multitude of different styles contained within it. You can choose silver tone, gold tone, or a combination of the two. There’s black, burnished grey, and rose gold. The case and band can be the same color, or there are some with different colors, like a contrasting watch face or bezel color. 

There are different sizes, like the larger ones suitable for men or those who like a big, chunky watch; there are smaller ones better suited to a smaller wrist, for women or those who like a smaller timepiece.

Most are dressy looking, but there are a few with a more sporty look.   

There are also a couple of unique touches to some of the Pro Diver collection. Some feature an “exhibition” or skeleton caseback, allowing you to see the movement of the gears, and the Invicta logo is engraved into the side of the case, a special touch. 

The specific watch we will highlight, the Invicta Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver, takes design inspiration from the Rolex Submariner. There are different colors available, for both the case, band, and watch face, typical of the Pro Diver line.


The Invicta Pro Diver collection has different options for movement. There are those with automatic movement, those with quartz, and even one with mechanical movement. 

The Invicta Pro Diver automatic is a popular choice, as it doesn’t operate on batteries. Instead, the watch’s parts work together to tell time through the passage of time by gear mechanisms. The movement of your wrist, in effect, is what winds the watch. That power is transmitted to the watch to turn the balance wheel.

An automatic watch is sometimes called self-winding, because they use the kinetic energy created by swinging your arm to give them energy and keep them ticking. 

Let’s look in depth at one example from the Pro DIver line, which happens to be automatic, the Invicta Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch. 

It features a round stainless steel case on a triple link steel bracelet. The watch face is black, it has three-hand function (hour, minute and second), with luminous hands and hour markers and a magnified date display at 3 o’clock.


Stainless steel
1.57 inches in diameter X 0.55 of an inch thick
Japanese automatic
Case Diameter:
1.57 inches
Watch Strap:
Stainless steel link bracelet
Battery Life:
No battery; automatic movement powers the watch

Pros & Cons


  • The stainless steel link bracelet has a fold-over clasp and safety closure
  • Water resistant to 660 feet (200 meters)
  • Luminous hands
  • Date window is magnified for easy reading


  • Analog display without numbers isn’t for everyone
  • A larger, chunky watch


As an analog watch, the Pro Diver doesn’t have a lot of bonus features. It has hour, minute and second hands, and a magnified date window. There are markers instead of numerals. The hands and markers are luminous. 

One unique feature on the Pro Diver is the screw-down crown, which helps prevent water infiltration. The crown must be unscrewed before it can be pulled out to its first or second position to adjust the date and/or time. The crown then has to be pushed in and screwed back in tightly, or the water resistance could be compromised. 

Water Resistance

Since it’s called a Pro Diver, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s got a water resistance to 660 feet, or 200 meters. That makes it suitable for water sports, swimming, bathing, sailing and obviously diving. 

It also features a corrugated unidirectional bezel with a good grip, which makes it easy to turn. It even clicks into place. It has a screw down crown that’s easy to operate, and it also has a good grip, making it simple to use in the water. The crown also has some protection with crown guards. As previously mentioned, the screw-down feature on the crown keeps water out.

There are luminous hands and markers, and a magnified date window at three o’clock, making it easy to read in any conditions, including underwater. The mineral crystal glass provides some scratch resistance, and there isn’t much reflection, also helping you to read the time underwater or in bright sunlight.


Since this isn’t a smartwatch with a bunch of bells and whistles, it’s not like the Pro Diver can be used for non-watch functions like activity tracking. But depending on the style chosen, it can take you from the office to a black-tie dinner to a weekend on the sailboat. 

Most styles are classic and dressy, with a rich look that makes them easy to wear. With the basic functions of hour, minute, second and date, as well as excellent water resistance, the Pro Diver is an excellent watch for a variety of activities.


Invicta has an excellent warranty, offering a limited three-year warranty against  manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship. The three years are from the original date of purchase and the purchase must be through an authorized retailer.

The warranty covers the hands, dial, markers and movement, but does not cover the crystal, stral, bracelet or battery. It also doesn’t cover damage from improper use, unauthorized service, accident, negligence or impact, or regular wear and tear. 

As well, the watch won’t be covered if it is damaged by water because of improper use, such as leaving the crown unscrewed.

Customer Reviews

The Invicta Pro Diver collection gets generally positive customer reviews. For those who are looking at a highly water resistant watch with a stylish, dressy look, the Pro Diver fits the bill. It’s easy to read in different light conditions, and it has the extra protection of a screw-down crown to prevent water from infiltrating the case. 

Our choice features automatic movement, also popular with customers, as it doesn’t require a battery. Customers also appreciate the Rolex-style design at a reasonable price, with a variety of colors and sizes.  

Our Verdict

There’s an Invicta Pro Diver watch for almost everyone, thanks to the wide range of colors and sizes, as well as different choices in movement, such as automatic and quartz. The Pro Diver is dressy when you need it to be, and stylish as a sports watch that can take you diving, sailing, snorkeling and swimming.

Luminous hands and markers, and a magnified date window make it easy to read. Our choice with automatic movement means you don’t have to worry about batteries. Your activity will keep the watch ticking. It’s also reasonable enough to be in a price range that keeps it affordable.