Casio F91W-1 Review

Updated October 18, 2020

When the term “digital watch” is mentioned, a Casio watch often comes to mind.

That’s because the company created the iconic Casio F91W-1 almost 30 years ago, and the style has not really changed. Casio, the company that first made digital calculators, created this timepiece in a similar style. 

The Casio F91W-1 is almost a cult classic, with a retro style that remains popular. It’s also so reasonably priced that it’s easy to add to your watch collection. 

While Casio has other more modern watches like the G-Shock, there’s something about the F91W-1 that has helped it retain its popularity.

In our Casio F91W-1 review, we’ll look at all the details you need to know about one of the first mass-produced digital watches, and why you might enjoy getting one for yourself.


From the company that gave us digital calculators before moving into watchmaking, this Casio watch looks like a Casio watch. 

That’s because the rectangular case features a digital display reminiscent of calculators. The watch face shows the time as well as day and date. You can switch to a 24-hour clock. It also has an alarm function. For low light conditions, there is a back light button as well. 

This watch looks like a digital sport watch, with a simple design and basic functionality. The case is relatively small and thin, making it comfortable to wear. 

It isn’t particularly dressy, but it could be worn with a suit and tie, if you’re fine with a more casual looking timepiece.


The digital watch has Quartz movement and is protected by a mineral dial window. 

It has chronograph functions that include: 

  • 1/100-second digital stopwatch; 
  • an hourly time signal; 
  • a daily alarm; 
  • measuring modes that include net time, split time, and first and second place times. 

The automatic calendar features day and date with a reported accuracy of plus-or-minus 30 seconds per month.

The watch also has water resistance to 100 feet (30 meters), which means it can only handle splashes of water, and can’t be worn swimming or bathing.


1.3 inches in diameter X 0.31 of an inch thick
Case Diameter:
1.3 inches
Watch Strap:
Battery Life:
Comes with the required battery

Pros & Cons


  • Digital display in a rectangular case
  • Displays time as well as day and date
  • Features a night light for reading in low light conditions
  • Alarm function


  • Water resistance is only to 100 feet (30 meters), so it’s splash resistant but not meant for swimming or bathing.
  • Has only basic functionality

Case And Strap

Part of what makes this look like a traditional digital watch made by Casio is the rectangular shape. The case and strap are simple black resin, and the band is ribbed. The watch is also slim and sleek, with a rectangular case that measures 1.3 inches in diameter and only 0.31 of an inch thick. 

The watch is water resistant to 100 feet (30 meters) and the ribbed resin band is also water resistant. While it looks like a sports watch, it can’t be worn swimming or bathing, as the water resistance is intended for light splashes of water only. 


Casio offers a decent warranty, covered in the country where you purchase the watch. It provides a one-year warranty against defects, but you must have the original proof of purchase. 

It doesn’t cover damage caused by improper careless treatment, improper repair or adjustment made by anyone other than a Casio service center, or if there is no proof of purchase. It also doesn’t cover damage or wear to the case, band, glass or battery.

Customer Reviews

Customers appreciate the Casio F91W-1 for what it is: a retro-looking digital watch that takes you back to when watches were made to tell time, and not be a phone on a wrist or create a large, chunky fashion statement. 

For customers who are looking for a smartwatch that tells barometric pressure or delivers text messages to your wrist, this isn’t your watch. 

But customers who want an inexpensive, accurate timepiece that is a bit of a conversation piece, the Casio F91Q-1 review comes in positive.

Our Verdict

The Casio F91W-1 keeps accurate time, and gives you the basic functions of time, date, alarm and a few other features. 

You can read it in the dark with the help of its backlight button, and it looks kind of geeky, which is actually kind of entertaining. It almost looks like a Casio calculator on your wrist.

With a minimal size and a basic black case and strap, the Casio F91W-1 is a fun watch that comes in at a very affordable price point.