Our Process

You might be wondering how exactly we choose what we review here on Watch Judge, and how we make our recommendations. 
Every guide we produce goes through our standard process:

Every guide we produce goes through our standard process:


Our writers have a wide range of expertise that makes them ideally placed to write knowledgeably about watches.

Amongst our team are writers who’ve worked with watch designs, manufacturers and retailers meaning they have a great overview of how watches are produced and the features which customers are looking for. 

All of these perspectives help in understanding the market, spotting future trends and knowing the type of content that our readers will be looking for. 


Because we have a good understanding of what customers are looking for, we can apply this criteria when we’re carrying out research to see what’s available in the market. 

We don’t just consider the products from well-known brands, we make sure that we look out for new and interesting watchmakers who have something new to offer. 

This means we can give you the broadest and best selection of options out there.

Comparison & Analysis

When we produce our reviews we often work with a particular theme in mind (such as GPS watches), so we can gather options that meet certain criteria and compare the most important features. 

This means that each guide can be more focused and insightful. 

We’ll provide you not only with key data but also information about the features that we did or didn’t like during our own tests, so you get a real sense of what it’s like to use the watch yourself. 


Our reviews are pulled together in an easy to understand format which helps you more easily compare options against each other. 

At the end of each guide we give you our own recommendations, but also provide enough information to let you draw your own conclusions.

To help you know what to look out for if you decide you want to go and carry out a further search yourself, our guides include details about key features.

We want you to finish reading our guides feeling more confident about making a buying decision that is right for you.