Best Hybrid Smartwatches

Most smartwatches are not exactly attractive, especially if you like the classic style of an analog timepiece. As such, there was a need for a watch that looks like an analog design but has the features of a smart device – the best hybrid smartwatch. 

We will discuss the best designs and why more and more people prefer to get a hybrid (also known as an analog smartwatch) over an ultra-modern device.

List of Best Hybrid Smartwatches

Garmin Vivomove 3 Men's Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Hybrid HR Men's Smartwatch

Withings Steel HR Men's Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Grant Gen 2 Men's Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Virginia Women's Hybrid Smartwatch

Skagen Women's Hald Hybrid Smartwatch

Garmin Vivomove 3 Men's Hybrid Smartwatch


Vivomove 3 is a series of hybrid smartwatches that combines the style of an analog design with the technology of a smart device. This means you get to be notified about text messages and other events while also enjoying the soothing view of analog hands on your watch display.

In addition, people who like an elegant piece on their wrist will be happy to know that the black case is thin and slim. Also, the band is comfortable and can be easily changed due to the quick-release system. This means that you can buy one watch and several bands to make it look new and interesting for every occasion.

The display features a combination of analog and digital, with a hidden OLED touchscreen in the lower half of the screen. As such, the control of the information displayed is done via the touchscreen (there are no buttons on the side). Also, the touchscreen display is not visible at all times; only when you need it.

In terms of smart features, Vivomove 3 has a variety of health and wellness features, it can connect with the GPS on your smartphone (to track walks and more), and it can track your body’s energy levels.

The battery is estimated to last for about five days on one charge, but if you use it in watch mode, it will last for one week. Overall, Vivomove 3 is an elegant watch that looks analog but comes with a secret.


Material:Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Case, Stainless Steel Bezel, Chemically Strengthened Glass
Weight:1.6 oz (46.1 g)



  • Elegant and lightweight design
  • The display looks like a regular analog watch
  • Easy to set up, even without side buttons
  • An impressive amount of smart features
  • It can connect with your smartphone’s GPS


  • Heart rate monitor is not accurate
  • It doesn’t connect with all devices (only compatible ones)
  • The app is a bit loaded with features and information

Why We Chose This

Garmin is well-known in the market of fitness-oriented wearable technology so there’s no reason to doubt their expertise. Vivomove 3 is a blend of classic and sport-ish, trying (and succeeding) to conceal the casual apps and trackers in an elegant design. So, if you’re looking for a smartwatch that looks like a watch, this may be it.

Hybrid Smartwatch Buying Guide

What Is a Hybrid Smartwatch?

In short, a hybrid timepiece is a smartwatch that looks like a watch. Some models combine an analog dial with a digital one (with or without a touchscreen), but there are hybrid watches that don’t have any type of digital screen. Overall, a hybrid design looks and feels like a regular watch but has advanced features usually found in a smart device.

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