EMT Watches

Paramedics, EMTs, firefighters or other professionals involved in help and rescue missions are trained to act swiftly and efficiently in emergency situations. Their reaction speed and decisiveness can save lives, which is why they need to use highly reliable medical supplies such as stethoscopes, trauma shears, watches and so on.

While most accessories are provided by the medical institutions they work for, watches are a personal choice. But an EMT watch must have specific features such as recording a patient’s vitals, administering medication correctly and, of course, keeping accurate track of time. In addition, the best EMT watch needs to be durable, comfortable to wear, waterproof and shock resistant.

As you probably can imagine, paramedic watches are not available in jewelry shops or with brands that focus on style and image alone. This timepiece will first focus on durability, reliability, functions, and comfort. After all, the proper EMT watch can help you track and record a patient’s vitals even without the right medical equipment!

Furthermore, paramedic watches have features that let you administer medication that’s time-sensitive and monitor its progress. And, lastly, first responders and other medical professionals need to take note of specific date and time of various medication, treatments, and progress of events for documentation purposes.

So, considering the importance of an EMT’s wrist watch, it’s natural to feel a bit of anxiety when choosing a product. As such, we put together a comprehensive guide of the best watches for EMTs with reviews, pros & cons, and other details that should make this decision easier.

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Luminox – Evo Navy Seal EMT Watch

Casio – Men’s ‘G-Shock’ EMT Watch

Citizen – Men’s BM8180-03E EMT Watch

Seiko – Men’s Excelsior EMT Watch

Marathon – Medium Diver’s Quartz EMT Watch

VAVC – Nurse EMT Watch

Luminox – Evo Navy Seal EMT Watch


The Evo Navy Seal from Luminox features durable polyurethane case and band, resists under 660ft (200m) of water, and glows 100 times brighter than other luminous timepieces on the market. This makes it the ideal design for people who need to tell the time in low-light or no-light conditions or for professional marine activity.

The large face, durable mineral dial window, and white hands and markers make it easy to read the analog black dial with one date complication by the 3 o’clock position. The watch features both 12h and 24h formats and the unidirectional textured bezel is adorned with minute indexes for easier timing.

At its core, the Evo Navy Seal is powered by a Japanese Quartz movement, which means it is highly accurate. In summary, this is a highly durable, comfortable to wear, reliable timepiece that can be used by professionals with demanding jobs like US Navy Seals, Air Force pilots, medical personnel and more.


Material:Polyurethane, Mineral Crystal Lens



  • Durable build & protective case
  • Reliable & accurate quartz movement
  • Easy to read face
  • Good water resistance
  • The glowing markers are bright


  • The band breaks in time
  • The glowing markers will lose power in time
  • Replacement parts are quite expensive

Why We Chose This

The Evo Navy Seal makes for a great EMT watch because it is easy to see even in no-light conditions and features a durable build (polyurethane band and case). It’s also resistant to deep underwater conditions and has a Japanese quartz movement that is reliable and accurate.

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