Best Watches For Boys Reviews

Everyone must learn to tell time and most of us do during early childhood. 

Telling time is a basic skill we use on a daily basis and we need it to survive in society. In addition, when children learn how to read a watch, they also start to grasp the idea of time, life, and what it all means. 

So, if you want to find the perfect timepiece for your boy, we reviewed some of the best watches for kids on the market. These designs are comfortable, durable, and interesting for children of all ages. 

These reviews are for the best watches for boys, but this doesn’t mean some of the products won’t be just as useful for girls. Even more, many products come in a wide range of colors and styles, so everyone can find something their children may enjoy.

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The Kidizoom DX is a durable smartwatch for kids available in three colors and safe materials. The touchscreen screen is large but still fits on the wrist of a child and the band is comfortable and can withstand a bit of water (not recommended for swimming).

While the watch offers the standard features (stopwatch, timer, alarm, and time) it appeals to children via other features. As such, it comes with a built-in camera that can be used to take videos and pictures. The captured content can be stored on the watch until the kids come in the house and download it using the provided micro USB cable (also used for recharging the Lithium-Ion battery).

Besides videos and photos, the DX watch also comes with games, activities, and has an incorporated motion sensor. It also serves as a voice recorder and has voice-changing effects and photo effects. Lastly, the smartwatch also has a calculator, so children can use it for homework (where it’s appropriate).


Size: 0.6 x 8.82 x 1.8 inches
Weight: 0.96 oz



  • Beautiful and kid-friendly design
  • Splash and sweat-proof bracelet
  • Built-in camera and motion sensor
  • Plenty of fun games and activities
  • Customizable watch face


  • It’s a bit large, especially for smaller children
  • The battery doesn’t last too long

Why We Chose This

Kidizoom DX is a nice gift for a boy or girl (it is available in two shades of pink and one of blue) who enjoys technology. The touchscreen is easy to understand (especially for kids familiar with tablets and smartphones) and the device comes with a series of games and activities that will keep kids busy. Also, it allows them to take photos and make videos without damaging expensive equipment.

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Before we move on to product reviews, we think it’s important to talk about age-appropriate timepieces and how to select the right one. For instance, a toddler may not understand the purpose of an analog watch, but they will definitely enjoy a smartwatch with games and cool features such as taking pictures and videos. On the other hand, a boy in middle school may be more interested in an analog dial, since this is a design for older children.

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