Automatic Watches for Men

Automatic watches are seen as a prime version of mechanical watches, and many people believe they are a symbol of class and elegance. 

And many watchmakers uphold this idea by creating timeless designs that inspire simplicity and style. The attention to detail and beauty of the materials is more often than not a conversation starter, but they also communicate a specific social status.  

In addition, an automatic watch doesn’t show its price tag. They always give the idea of sophistication that goes well in a business meeting or at the office. 

So, we took it upon ourselves to find the best affordable automatic watch that looks stylish enough to tell people you’re a unique person, with amazing taste and a wonderful mind.

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Orient Bambino Version 3 Men's Automatic Watch

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Orient Bambino Version 3 Men's Automatic Watch


As a brand, Orient is known on the market for classic watch designs, which is why the Bambino series is such a breath of fresh air! Just like its predecessors, Bambino Version 3 is an elegant timepiece with a minimalist design with clean, vertical lines.

The sunburst dial, rectangular hands, and date complication are complemented by the stainless steel case and leather strap, creating a beautiful and elegant design. In addition, it’s easy to notice the elements that make the Bambino series so special – the signature domed crystal and domed dial.

Of course, we can’t ignore the Japanese automatic movement that features hand-winding and hacking or the beautiful stainless steel case back decorated with the Orient logo. Overall, the Bambino Version III is an elegant watch with lots of personality and style.


Material: Mineral Lens, Stainless Steel, Leather
Size: 41 mm
Weight: 8.82 ounces



  • Minimalist design that’s visually appealing
  • Automatic movement with hand-winding and hacking
  • Solid built with high-quality materials
  • The dial and lens are impressive
  • Clean-looking dial


  • The date window is rather small
  • The case is big and doesn’t fit slim wrists

Why We Chose This

Bambino Version III is a beautiful watch that has incredible value for the cost. Its minimalist design makes it ideal for both casual and elegant outfits, and the clean-looking dial looks great under the domed lens. In addition, the movement is solid and reliable making this one of the top watches under $200.

Affordable Automatic Watch Buying Guide

Design & Style

The best cheap automatic watch doesn’t have to look cheap at all. In fact, all the timepieces we reviewed look and feel more expensive. They all use reliable automatic movements with self-winding capabilities and they all feature quality materials and elegant design. So why are they so affordable? The answer is simple: automatic watches have a strong competitor in their quartz counterparts so they had to make the production process more efficient and less costly. That’s how brands like Seiko, Orient, and Gosasa made their name in the market. You will notice that affordable and stylish automatic watches don’t have any bells and whistles. There’s the movement, the beautiful dial, and a beautiful case and strap. Some may have a date window, but that’s all. This is the reason why the price is lower than with high-end designs – there are no extra complications. In short, the design and style of the best value automatic watch is simplicity laced with elegance.

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