About Us

Watches can make a statement about your personal style, display intricate and detailed craftsmanship and perform a wide range of impressive functions, elevating them far beyond a simple timepiece. Many people wear a watch every single day, making it one of the most relied-upon accessories you will buy. 

Our passion for the subject led us to found Watch Judge, a review site where we examine anything from the simplest to the most elaborate and sought-after watches. 

We aim to ensure that whether you are looking for a sports watch to track your performance, an everyday watch to wear to the office, or a beautifully engineered dress watch, our site will help steer you towards the best choices on the market. 

We consider options for all tastes and budgets seeking out not only the well-known brands but also smaller, up-and-coming makers, so we can bring you the most comprehensive round up of options. 

The art of watchmaking can be full of unfamiliar and technical terms, and specifications alone don’t always provide the clarity you need.

Our expert writers share their knowledge and enthusiasm for watches in our wide range of clear and easy-to-understand guides. 

They offer an opinion on the pros and cons of every featured watch. 

Each guide offers information about the key features and benefits of different types of watch so you can make your choice with confidence.