5 Reasons Why You Should Start Buying Vintage Clothing

Are you a fashion lover on a budget? I know I am! and I know how hard it is to find affordable clothing that is stylish, while not giving in to the fast fashion trap. This is a reason why thrift shopping and vintage clothing has had a resurgence in popularity lately.

As an avid thrifter and vintage seller, I could go on and on about the beauty that is vintage clothing. I compiled a list of 5 reasons why you should start buying vintage clothing.

If you are looking to spice up your wardrobe with some statement pieces, without breaking the bank or hurting the environment, keep on reading!

1. It’s Great For The Environment

First and foremost, shopping secondhand and vintage is great for the environment. Fast fashion is second only to oil as the world’s largest polluter. Unsafe working conditions are also common in garment factories. These workers get paid minimally and work long hours. It is also extremely common for these workers to experience all types of abuse including physical, sexual, and verbal. Buying a dress for ten dollars isn’t worth the catastrophic effects this industry has on our industry and fellow human beings.

2. Trends Of The Past Are Always Coming Back!

Fashion trends are constantly coming back. My mom would always tell me she would never throw any of her clothes away because trends were always arriving back on the scene. From leggings which were made popular in the 1980s, to high waisted shorts which became popular around the 1950s. These pieces are now a staple in the modern wardrobe but were invented decades earlier.

Chances are those $80 Urban Outfitter jeans you are lusting after could be found on Etsy, or even your local thrift store if you hunt a little for half the price!

3. Preserve History

This is one of my personal favorite reasons. Every piece of vintage clothing is like a mini time machine. That cute little shirt dress hanging on the sale rack at goodwill could’ve lived two or more lives before it landed in your hands. A new bride could’ve worn it on her honeymoon, that 1970s band t-shirt that fell of the hanger as you were perusing could’ve been originally purchased by a teenager at her first concert. You never know what that article of clothing could’ve experienced, and I think that’s beautiful.

4. Support Small Businesses

The majority of vintage sellers I’ve come across have been small businesses, and supporting small businesses is so important, especially during these uncertain times. When you buy from a small business, you are helping a single mom feed her kids, or are supporting a young entrepreneur’s dream. It means so much more than purchasing from a target, or a forever 21.

5. Better Quality

Have you ever purchased a pair of leggings or a dress and literally a week later it has torn? This has happened to me on too many occasions, unfortunately. And don’t get me wrong, I have purchased a vintage piece before and it has torn from age. But, the majority of the time, these clothes tend to last. If a dress has lasted 40 years or more, chances are it’ll last at least 20 more years. Especially if it is made from a sturdy fabric.

Vintage clothing is made with more quality material than modern clothing, especially fast fashion. I really believe they were made to persevere.

All in all, I really believe purchasing vintage over fast fashion is the way to go. If you value quality, and originality hit up your local thrift store, or invest in some more expensive pieces on Etsy. You won’t regret it!

This post first appeared on Medium.